Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Chapter 31

Hot Bubblegum by SoapyMayhem

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Chapter 31 
*~Bella Swan~*

The alarm on my nightstand was blaring.


Disgustingly enough, my mouth felt like a small furry animal had died in it while I slept off the effects of consuming excessive amounts of tequila.

Never drinking again - I groaned internally as I awkwardly swatted toward the direction of the offensive sound.

I tried to roll over, but a heavy appendage covered my torso.

What the fuck?

I looked down to the sight of blue-streaked, black hair spilling over the pillow next to mine, and a pajama-covered leg draped over my stomach heavily.


For a moment, I'd imagined the worst - a forgotten night of drunken fumbling and grunting, pinned under a starstruck douchenozzle - thankfully it was just Ang, but if my experience with Edward proved anything, it was that I didn't need to be drunk to engage in a one night stand.

Fuck... Edward!

I glanced at the clock, relieved to find that my appointment wasn't for three more hours.

"Get off me, bitch," I groaned hoarsely, pushing Ang's wandering limb from my body.

She was dead to the world, barely uttering a peep when I shoved her away.

Quickly, I got up and grabbed a shower, moaning in delight as multiple streams of water pulsed against my body. All the while, my thoughts wandered aimlessly till they somehow locked on the memory of Edward's intense expression as he moved inside me, his eyes holding mine hypnotically, casting a spell to bind me in some way... to him.

My fingers trailed down till they covered my mound, slipping between till I found my clit aching with need, for fingers that weren't my own.

I needed this release if I was to manage to maintain some semblance of sanity in Edward's presence today.

I imagined his fingers replacing mine as they rubbed and pinched, making me sigh and moan.

With thoughts of his perfect body moving against mine, it didn't take long before I was flying.

"Bells, you flicking your bean in there?" Ang asked from outside the shower, her voice filled with humor. I was too shocked to even react to her use of the term - "flicking the bean" which I hate. Beans just remind me of farts and then I think of pussy farts and that just sounds gross...

"No... I'm not... doing that," I reply too defensively to sound innocent.

"Well hurry up. I need a shower too, and I don't think our relationship has progressed to the point where we can get wet and naked together yet."



After helping me choose the perfect outfit, Ang spent nearly an hour curling and pinning my hair till it was just perfect - a nod to fifties pin up style with a modern twist. She tried to pull out her makeup kit and go to town on my face, but I held her off by accepting a bit of mascara and some eyeliner and lipgloss. Plus, I was honored with one of her famous pep talks that always seemed to get me through those long days on set. By the time she was done, I was ready for Edward.

My hands started to sweat a bit as I stepped out of the Mini in front of Blue Rose.

As I walked through the door, every muscle in my body froze, my breath caught, and a small wheezing sound slipped from my open lips - I was paralyzed.


Because not ten feet in front of me was a lifesize, cardboard cutout of me in full, superhero costume posed for immediate takeoff... and if that wasn't the worst thing ever, then the sight of Edward, standing stiff as a board, arms crossed, his face lacking expression of any kind, definitely was.


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