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Chapter 30

Hot Bubblegum by SoapyMayhem

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Chapter 30
*~Bella Swan~*

"Are you fucking serious, girl?" Angela asked with a forkful of salad suspended in front of her mouth, "Edward Cullen? From the tat shop on La Brea?"

I had a feeling that If I'd waited to tell her what happened after she'd taken a bite, I'd have been forced into an awkward attempt at the Heimlich Maneuver, and my friend would probably be dead in minutes.

"Yes... you think he's too old for me, don't you?" I replied defensively, feeling my face heat with anger and embarrassment. I was already starting to regret that I'd ever mentioned my steamy night with Edward.

Of course, I didn't dish out all the dirty details, but I did tell Ang that he fucked me stupid in the back room at The Blue Rose.

"Bell, I don't think that. You know Ben just turned thirty, right?"

"Yeah, and you're like twenty-three - no one cares about that. I, on the other hand, am still a teen, barely legal as they say." My voice sounded whinier than usual, and I hated it. Thinking about Edward was turning me into a sniveling mess.

"A lot of guys like barely legal girls. Apparently Edward does, or he wouldn't have slept with you," she insisted before finally taking that bite of salad.

"I have a feeling it will really freak him out, seeing pictures of me from even three years ago. I didn't even have boobs then," I complained before finding my lower lip firmly trapped by my teeth.

"This whole idea of Edward seeing some picture of you and getting freaked out is a bit ridiculous, Bell. I mean, yeah, they were kind of recent, but that's not you anymore. That was you as a kid. You're a woman now, so start acting like one," Angela said sternly, effectively snapping me out of the funk I was in.

"Yes, Mother," I retorted primly before poking my tongue out at her in a childish manner.

She shook her head in feigned annoyance before a wicked gleam shined through her stern expression. "Now, if you really want to have an adult conversation - let's talk dick size," she whispered impishly.

My mouth hung open as color filled my cheeks.

"What would Ben think?" I replied accusingly.

"Ben and me, we're secure. I just want to know because I'll never have a reason to find out myself. Besides, Edward Cullen is fuckhot - those lips and eyes - that fucking wild hair..." she sighed dreamily for a moment, making my jaw clench with irrational jealousy. "You struck gold with that one."




After lunch and several minutes of me refusing to divulge how big Edward's dick was - and it was big - Ang came over to check out my new apartment. Aside from Mom and Phil stopping by to make sure I was okay, Ang ended up being my first guest.

Ang was a co-worker, my makeup artist, and a few years older than me. She also had plenty of friends her own age, but she was still the best friend I had - the only person I felt I could confide in who wouldn't run to the gossip rags and dish out my dirty secrets. That was why she was the first person I called to help me decide how to act around Edward at my appointment on Monday.

I was all for walking into The Blue Rose and simply pretending that the whole thing was just a wonderfully erotic dream or something that was a common occurrence for both of us - nothing special, just fucking, but if Edward showed me any sign that he still wanted something more - wanted me... well, I didn't think it was a good idea to get my hopes up.


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