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Chapter 18

Hot Bubblegum by SoapyMayhem

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Chapter 18
*~Bella Swan~*

The fucking look in his eyes as he watched me - I'd never felt more powerful. Desired.

Did Edward know what he was doing to me?

Bella Swan didn't do strip teases. She didn't finger her pussy for show. And she certainly didn't fuck tattooed men she barely knew - yet, this gorgeous man seemed to be the exception.

"Edward," I moaned, beckoning him to join me - bury himself inside me, filling me till he satisfied this powerful fucking ache.

"Fuck," he groaned, startling me. I looked up, catching his eyes glinting dangerously - the sounds he made drawing me in as I moved toward him, still swaying to the music.

Though our bodies weren't touching, we were so close that I could feel warmth radiating from his skin like a furnace - his hot breath scorching my flesh. Without direction, I turned around, not facing him, and hooked my fingers in the waistband of my panties before sliding them down, over my hips.

When I heard another groan from behind me and a bit of movement, I didn't have to wonder what he was doing. I saw his boxers sail across the room and heard the sound of his teeth tearing into the condom wrapper.

Suddenly, his hands were on me, gripping my hips, turning me around.

I couldn't help but glance down at his exposed cock to see if it was impressive as it looked when it was tenting his underwear.

"Oh," I gasped at the sight of it, thick and long, the head swollen and ready. As much as I worried that it wasn't going to fit, I still wanted him inside me, taking away that empty achy feeling.

I needed to know how good it could be.

"I want you in my lap again," he whispered, looking up at me, his expression dark and seductive.

"You want me to ride you?" My voice was low, breathier than I'd ever heard it before. I'd never been so turned on in my life, so wet and ready that I thought I'd come from the thought of having his cock in me alone.

He must have liked the sound of my answer, because he groaned, eyes closed, pierced tongue sliding smoothy over his bottom lip. The sight of him licking his lips was damn near the only thing that could distract me from staring at his cock.

"Fuck... yes. I can't stop thinking about it," he replied, his voice rasping and full of need.

Not wanting Edward to notice how little experience I actually had, I took a moment to consider the mechanics of what I was about to do. I really didn't want him to notice that this would only be my third time.

I backed up closer to him, straddling his legs, hoping I didn't look like a fool.

Before I could second guess myself, Edward's strong hands were there, guiding me, showing me what he needed. Every single one of his slender fingers pressed against my sensitive skin, guiding me closer to his chest until I felt his warm cock rubbing against my ass cheeks.

I moaned.

I couldn't help it.

With my eyes clenched shut in anticipation, I felt one of his hands slide down till he was cupping me. Slowly, he began rubbing and massaging my heated flesh, making me cry out and pant when he slipped his fingers inside.

I almost lost it when that hand left me to slide his slick, arousal coated fingers over his cock.

"Ready?" he asked, rubbing my hip encouragingly.

"Please," I cried, holding my breath, waiting for him to push his glistening cock inside, and take away that hollow ache that threatened to drive me insane. I didn't even attempt to contain the pathetic whimpers that escaped my lips as he nudged teasingly against my entrance.

Was he trying to kill me?

I was on the verge of crying out in frustration when I felt it - my body tensed in protest as the thick head slipped inside, stretching me, filling me as he pushed his way in. Oh God... so fucking big...

"Fuck... your tight, Darlin" he gasped. "I've never been so hard."

Though Edward continued easing me down his length, he went slow, achingly slow, making me feel everything - the erratic beat of his frenzied pulse, every uncontrollable twitch.

Jesus Christ - he wasn't even in all the way, and already I felt the beginnings of a powerful climax, ready to explode at any second.

"You're gonna make me come," I whimpered as a plea for him to keep filling me. I never wanted this feeling to end.


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