Friday, April 20, 2012

Chapter 20

Hot Bubblegum by SoapyMayhem

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Chapter 20
*\o\Edward Masen Cullen/o/*

"Are you gonna fall asleep on me, Bella? Do you need me to help you stay awake?" I growled playfully, nipping gently at her collarbone before sucking one of her stiff nipples into my mouth. Wanting to play a bit more, I carefully nibbled the tight pink skin, loving the way it stiffened in response.

"I'm awake," she gasped as her hooded eyes suddenly became more alert.

When I was certain she wasn't going to nod off on me, I nudged her legs open, settling between them before lining my cock up at her entrance again. Wanting to drive us both over the edge, I teasingly slid between her silky, wet folds, gliding forward and back, loving the way her hips began to thrust helplessly in response.

Make her ache for you - the way you're aching for her.

Make her feel more than she's ever felt before.

Make her scream your name.

When we were panting with need, I couldn't take anymore. I had to be inside her again.

Her eyes met mine for a brief second before closing again "Don't hide your expressive eyes from me. I want to see them when I push inside you. I missed it the last time," I whispered against her lips, waiting for her to look at me before pushing inside her with one smooth thrust, loving the way those sweet brown eyes widened innocently as she gasped and clung to me pulling me deeper inside.

"Fuck... I love watching my cock disappear inside you - so fucking sexy," I groaned, unable to look away from the place where we were joined. "Watch us, Bella - see how fucking beautiful we look together."

She looked, but didn't speak - instead she whimpered.

There was some inexplicable feeling of possessiveness that seemed to overwhelm me at the sight of our bodies moving in tandem - giving in to that ancient rhythm that pulsed through my veins with every beat of my fucking heart.

Too much...

I gasped at the insane feelings swelling inside me, making my eyes burn and my cock throb.

Already this girl owned me - I never wanted to leave her sweet body.

As if sensing the overwhelming emotion, Bella's soft hand suddenly found my cheek. In a gesture that seemed so tender, she cupped my face, urging me forward, guiding my mouth to hers until our lips met perfectly.

The sensation of our tongues sliding against each other simultaneously as I rocked inside her was almost enough to push me over the edge, spurring that familiar tightness that gave way to mind-numbing pleasure - though this time it was laced with something amazing and new - not at all unwelcome.

"Jesus Christ," I panted against her soft lips, "I'm gonna cum so fucking hard." She shivered in my arms, her body quaking as she came undone underneath me.

"Fuck... too good... I can't... Bella..." I cried loudly against her neck, spilling into the condom with an animalistic roar.

"Edward," she whimpered - the sound so sweet it made me ache for more.

I wanted more.

Already I craved it.




  1. Amazing! I love it<3 looking forward to 20+

    1. I've gotten 21-31 up already! Trying to get the rest up tonight! :)