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Chapter 5

Hot Bubblegum by SoapyMayhem

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Chapter 5
*\o\Edward Masen Cullen/o/*

"Got anything good for me today?" I asked Jake as I was walking in through the back door of the shop. He must have gotten an early start because he was already working, leaning over a burly biker's left bicep, tattooing the likeness of an English bulldog.

My buddy and business partner, Jake, did all the realistic work - likenesses of faces, pets, celebrities and such were his specialty, and he did them with an almost photo-realistic precision. He was highly-sought-after and his work was what put our shop on the map. I was pretty fucking awesome myself, but Jake was a master.

My cousin Rose was our piercer. She did a lot of the simple tats - mostly easy stuff like hearts and stars, Chinese lettering - things people usually got when they were drunk. On most days, she usually handled the walk-ins, but her boyfriend, Emmett, had pulled her away for the weekend to a hot-rod show in San Diego.

Shit rolls downhill around here, so that put my ass on walk-in duty for the rest of the day.

As for me, I usually did all the fancy, abstract work. All the custom tats were mine to design, and I loved being able to be creative like that. These days, those special pieces were sometimes few and far between and generally only requested by our regulars - the people who came back over and over till there was almost no clean skin left to ink.

"You have a walk-in and an appointment at one - the walk-in is up front now, needing a little color touch up on a two-color piece, and the appointment was a chick - sounded young, mentioned it would be her first time," he replied.

"Great…" I muttered sarcastically "…fucking virgins." The girl would probably pick a cutie-pie little butterfly or some boring Gothic-style lettering of her boyfriend's name.

It had been weeks since I'd had a chance to ink something interesting and even remotely original. I usually ended up turning back to my sketches, designing new tats that I'd eventually get for myself.

I still had room for a few more on my right bicep as well as my back, but only because I was still trying to decide what I wanted. As young as I was, I had time to gain a bit more life experiences worth commemorating.

Thinking back to todays agenda, I sighed disappointedly and walked up front, ready to greet the walk-in I'd soon be working on.



"So there I was, pounding into her - legs wide open, propped on my shoulders, and crying out 'fuck me Daddy, fuck me Daddy' over and over. I was about to fucking lose it. Then all of a sudden, the door flies open behind us, and there stands her mother looking just completely horrified, and my girl's oblivious, still screaming that 'fuck me Daddy' chant at the top of her lungs. I don't know what the fuck to do, so I pull out and I'm about to grab something to cover up with when I blow my load all over the fucking couch," Jared, my walk-in, regaled, cracking us all up with his weird and ridiculous story.

"Goddamn… I bet your girl was embarrassed," I commented, shaking my head at the poor bastard.

"Nah… that girl ain't got no shame, but her Mom was sure as hell pissed off - wanting to know if she was acting out some kind of unfulfilled sex fantasy about her deadbeat father," he replied with a grimace. "That was an awkward conversation."

"Shit… that's fucking insane," Jake said from the other chair, still working on the bulldog tat.

"Last time I went over there, the couch had been fitted with one of those plastic covers," he added, making us howl with laughter again.

He kept telling us more and more raunchy stories, but I turned my focus back to finishing the retouch, taking my cues from the others and laughing slightly whenever he got them cracking up about whatever he was talking about.

"Okay, you're all set," I said after taping up the fresh ink on his arm.

"Thanks man… listen... I checked out your work on the shop's blog and I was pretty impressed, so I wanted to let you know that you'd be seeing me again as soon as I'm ready to get my next piece," he complimented.

I got him taken care of and went back to get everything set up for the next client.

My last appointment was going to be arriving soon, and I was starting to get antsy since I'd finished the touch-up. Not that I was eager to work on whatever silly thing she'd likely want - I was ready to get it over with - have a couple beers and relax for a while.

"Welcome to Blue Rose - you must be Bella, right?" Jake said from up front. The smile in his voice was obvious.


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