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Chapter 27

Hot Bubblegum by SoapyMayhem

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Chapter 27

*\o\Edward Masen Cullen/o/*

"Hey, Ma," I replied, my voice filled with trepidation, mostly due to the fact that I didn't make it to dinner the night before.

I'd been so preoccupied with the shop and thinking about Bella last night that I missed our weekly ritual of gathering for Sunday dinner.

"Edward Anthony Masen Cullen, you'd better have a damn good reason for missing dinner last night," my mother chastised angrily. I knew she wasn't that mad, more disappointed than mad probably, but then that just made it even worse.

Even as an independent, grown man, I was not immune to motherly guilt - Esme was a pro at it.

Ever since we lost my Dad, Edward Masen Sr., during a black ops mission in the Gulf War, I'd been the target of her overprotective tendencies - even after she met Carlisle, my step dad, during a medical conference in Atlanta, got married and moved us all to live with him in L.A.

It was my duty as her son to call her every day - at least once.

"It's been a tough week at the shop, Ma. I promise I'll make it next week," I said pathetically, hoping she'd soften up a bit and let me off the hook.

A resigned sigh on the other end of the phone let me know my pitiful tone had won her over.

"You better be here - Alice invited her cute little boyfriend over for dinner. Can you believe it - her first boyfriend, Edward? She's growing up so fast," Esme mused, her voice sounding equally sad and excited, while I felt a grimace form on my face.

"Who the hell is this guy?" I grumbled, barely able to stomach the thought of some pimple-faced loser pawing at my baby sister.

Technically, Alice was my half-sister, but it was all the same to me.

"His name is Jasper, and he's such a sweet boy," she cooed, oblivious to my sullen tone.

"She's only thirteen for fuck's sake - too young to be dating boys," I snapped.

"Language, Edward."


My mother cleared her throat unsteadily. "Must I remind you of the state Carlisle found you in with Jenny Simmons when you were merely fourteen?" she reminded sternly, making me flush with embarrassment.

That was more than twelve years ago, and the memory still had the power to make me cringe.

"Exactly. Do you think this Jasper kid doesn't want to do the same thing with little Alice?"

"You haven't even met him, Edward. Besides, Alice... she's... not… well you know. She's more interested in books than boys, and Jasper seems to be the same. If anything, the two are just friends. Alice won't even call him her boyfriend yet. According to her - he's just a boy who's a friend."

Regardless of what she said, I had a feeling my mother had forgotten what it was like to be a teenager, how hormonal and just… horny we could get. The last thing I wanted was to have a sex talk with her, though, so I let it go, deciding that I would try to talk to this Jasper kid myself - put the fear of God in him.

After making a promise to attend dinner next week, I got ready to head into work.


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