Monday, April 23, 2012

Chapter 23

Hot Bubblegum by SoapyMayhem

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Chapter 23 
*~Bella Swan~*

I didn't understand him.

Why couldn't he just be like every other guy in this city?

He got his dick wet, so he should have been satisfied with that. Didn't he want to play the field? Sample other, more exotic flavors than bratty, immature tween-queen? Shouldn't he have tattoo-covered glamour girls, or sexy model types in his bed every night?

Maybe he was just being nice...

He didn't really want my number - that was just the polite thing to say after a girl lets a guy stick his penis inside her.

Polite. Courteous. Misleading. Dishonest.

What was I supposed to think? It's not like he asked me out to dinner for a date in an effort to win over my affections.

I hadn't exactly been much of challenge either...

I wanted to blame it all on those bright green eyes, that sultry southern twang in his accent, or maybe it was that fuckhot lip ring - any of those things would have been enough to draw me in, but all of them combined?

It was downright devastating.

Who knew I was such an easy lay?

At least I held Mike off for over a month, but then I was just waiting to make sure he didn't go back to Jessica, which in the end had proven to be pointless.

Edward was just... too much... too good for someone like me.

He was something I never knew I wanted.

Boys were alway cute or hot and made me want to kiss them or hope that they'd want to hang out together - but Edward elicited much more illicit thoughts. He set my body on fire - filled my head with more desire than I ever imagined.

He was perfect.

He couldn't be mine.

Not when he found out the truth. Why would he be?

He'd be ridiculed by his friends, and then he really would see me for what I was.

A fucking child - a girl who dresses in childish costumes on the motherfucking Disney Channel.

Edward deserved a woman. Someone with experience who knew how to handle a man like him.

The entire way home, I fought the tears that were threatening to fall.

There wasn't a regretful bone in my body, nothing inside me that told me what we'd done together was wrong.

It couldn't have been. It felt too right - too perfect.

I cursed myself for being such a clingy little bitch and wanting more.

It was never going to happen.

I could only assume that poor oblivious Edward was wondering how he ended up fucking such an insane bitch. If he even cared, he was probably Googling my stupid ass right this moment.

If any images from my old episodes came up in the search results, he would probably start to feel like a fucking pedo for getting with me.


I knew it wasn't healthy to be so hard on myself.

Think rationally.

Besides, Edward wasn't at all like the prick I was making him out to be in my head. At least, he didn't seem that way.

Maybe it wouldn't be as bad as I thought.

I guess I'll know in two weeks...


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