Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Chapter 10

Hot Bubblegum by SoapyMayhem

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Chapter 10
*~Bella Swan~*

"This place is perfect." I said excitedly, glancing around the room.

The apartment was fantastic - a nice open space with a fully-equipped kitchen.

I especially loved the high ceilings, and the view was spectacular. I couldn't wait to fill this place up with furniture and books and movies and shit.

As much as I loved this place, it wasn't my first choice. I would've rather bought a nice little house in the suburbs, but I knew I'd have to wait a couple years before I could manage that.

At the moment, I was just too recognizable.

The series finale of Girl Next Door hadn't even aired yet, so the public eye was still on me for the time being.

It didn't help much that my face was currently plastered on the covers of Teen Vogue, Teen Beat, and Teen People, all of which were still, in some way, linking me romantically with Mike Newton. Those that weren't still calling us The Cutest Couple in America, claimed that he was cheating on me with Jessica Stanley. Worst of all, there was even this running joke that just because Mike played twins on his show didn't mean he could date two girls at once.

It was all rather humiliating.

"How long will it take to sign the papers? I have somewhere else I need to be," I told Red, who was still gushing over some weird ass "pasta arm" thingy in the kitchen. I had no idea what a fucking "pasta arm" was, and I didn't care. I wanted that greedy bitch out of my new apartment before she tainted it with her disgusting personality.

"About half an hour - we just need you to sign some paperwork and go over the payments as well as a few rules and such," Red replied happily, motioning for me to follow her to the manager's office, so I could get it over with and get her out of there.



Now that I'd made a decision about the apartment, I was eager to get back to Blue Rose - to Edward.

I really liked being around him, too. It was almost surreal not being recognized and it would take a supreme effort on my part not to take advantage of that fact.

Of course, a guy like Edward wouldn't know who I was. He probably had never even heard of my show. That fact would definitely work to my advantage if I ended up getting with him tonight, and though a small part of me felt guilty for my planned dishonesty, another stronger part told me I'd never have another opportunity like it again.

Especially with someone as gorgeous as Edward.

Maybe it was stupid of me, but I was so fucking attracted to him that I couldn't have cared less.

What I really needed to think about was how far I was really willing to go with a guy I just met, because it really wasn't like me to do anything like this. I'd only ever been with Mike a couple times before, and that was a fairly lackluster experience to say the least.

Had I not enjoyed plenty of spectacular self-induced orgasms, he might have put me off the idea of sex altogether, but I had a feeling that Edward knew exactly what to do to a woman's body to make her scream.


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