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Chapter 8

Hot Bubblegum by SoapyMayhem

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Chapter 8
*~Bella Swan~*

From the moment I walked into Blue Rose and got an eye-full of Edward, I was smitten.

He was… he was… a man - a fucking gorgeous, god-like tattoo-covered man.

And the messy reddish hair and the lip rings… fuck…

It took every ounce of strength I had not to fist pump when I realized he didn't recognize me. Of course, the familiarity was there, but for all he knew, I was just a girl he passed on the street one day.

I was suddenly grateful that the other guy, Jake, had agreed to stay off the topic of who I was and what I was famous for. He insisted that I not worry about it. According to Jake, Edward was too much of a guy to actually recognize me, and Jake only had because he was a single dad and his seven-year old daughter was a big fan.

Just like with any other man, I was wary about agreeing to sign an autograph, but when he asked me to sign it to Vanessa, I became much more at ease and even offered to have some Girl Next Door memorabilia sent to the shop.

Moments later, Jake was introducing me to Edward, and I nearly died right then.

So fucking hot.

Problem was, Edward didn't seem like the kind of guy that would be impressed by my career. Any impure thoughts he might have had about me, if he even found me attractive to begin with, would be gone faster than a speeding bullet.

But it seemed my worries were unfounded, because apparently my age alone was enough to turn him off me.

When I told him I was eighteen, he turned white as a sheet.

That reaction only confirmed that he'd probably been having less than gentlemanly thoughts about me, which was awesome… but now... after my admission, I probably gave his dick a reverse boner or something… was that even possible?

"E-eighteen?" he sputtered incredulously - his sexy pierced eyebrow raised in surprise.

Irritated, I huffed, "Yeah… got a fucking problem with that?"

For a second, he looked shocked by my outburst, but his initial look of surprise melted into a lazy grin that made me kind of hot and maybe a little wet, if I was being completely honest.

"Nah, I guess not," he replied finally, still giving me that amused grin before he turned back to his work, shaking his head.

"Good..." I muttered embarrassed by my outburst, "so... how old are you?" I tried to sound disinterested, but the fact that I was even asking gave away my curiosity.

He licked his lower lip before giving me a sly grin.

Ung. He was too fucking hot for his own good. "Guess," he demanded smugly, turning my words back on me.

"I don't know, twenty-seven?" My voice was irritable and I tried my best not to stare at his perfect mouth like a pervert.

"Ugh, you wound me, Darlin'," he whined playfully, his right hand clutching his chest. The faux-tortured expression on his face turned to a half smile making me blush "I'm twenty six."

The way he was looking at me, I was starting to think that maybe... just maybe, I didn't give him one of those reverse boner thingies after all.

"Okay," I replied dumbly. He just grinned and shook his head a little before turning back to his work.

"Say, where did you hear about the shop? What made you choose this place?" he asked after a few minutes of silence. I'd been so engrossed in watching him recreate Dad's sketch that it startled me a bit.

"Oh, umm... a friend of mine, Angela Weber, and her boyfriend, Ben, both recommended you," I replied, purposefully not mentioning exactly how I knew Ben and Ange - both of which were part of the crew for Girl Next Door - Ange did my makeup, and Ben was the director of photography. For a moment, I was worried that Edward might know them well enough to connect the dots and figure out who I was, but he only chatted about some of the work he'd done for them and mentioned his cousin Rose had done Ange's Marilyn piercing and Ben's lip ring.

For a while, we sat there chatting about nothing in particular - conversation felt casual and easy to the point that I was letting myself get comfortable, when suddenly my iPhone calendar buzzed me, reminding me of my meeting with Red.

"I need to go. I have an appointment to meet my realtor," I explained, not really sure why I was telling him my business other than to make myself seem a little more mature in his eyes.

"Really?" he replied, giving me that surprised look I'd come to expect whenever I said anything to him.

"My first apartment," I clarified.

"That's awesome."

He gave me a genuine smile before offering to walk me out. It was a really sweet gesture, but I didn't want to interrupt his progress on the stencil, so I declined and promised to be back around six.

He seemed pleased, so that gave me hope that maybe… just maybe, he hadn't written me off yet.


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