Thursday, April 19, 2012

Chapter 19

Hot Bubblegum by SoapyMayhem

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Chapter 19
*\o\Edward Masen Cullen/o/*


Fuck, she felt even better than I ever could have hoped - like her body was made just for me. Unable to stop myself, my hands were all over her, rubbing and massaging, trapping her in my arms.

Her skin was just so smooth and soft, and she smelled so sweet and fucking erotic that it set every one of my senses on edge - the way she felt, so tight and hot - I couldn't believe how lucky I was to experience this with someone I was so attracted to. Never had I felt this level of pure, animalistic chemistry with another person.

"So good, Darlin," I gasped as I slid the rest of the way in, feeling like a fucking sex-god when Bella moaned loudly. All my senses were dulled in comparison to the feel of her inner walls clenching around me as she began to slide up and down my length, gripping and squeezing.

Careful not to touch her fresh ink, I buried my face in her silky locks, breathing in the intoxicating scent of her hair, letting the scent surround me and drive me wild as she bounced in my lap.

"Oh my God," Bella cried out as my hands began wandering her body, my fingers firmly grasping her hips as I pushed her torso forward slightly. I wanted to watch her sliding up and down my cock.

Goddamn... it was even better than I imagined - seeing how wet and slick she got me, loving the way her juices coated my thighs.

Aching to touch her, I slipped my hand between her legs and pulled her flush against my chest, so I could rub and tease her sensitive clit. She arched her back in response, jutting her breasts out as she cried loudly, panting, "Don't stop," over and over again.

"I'm gonna come," she whimpered, throwing her head back against my shoulder, and the moment she started, I could fucking feel it.

So good.

I only had to turn toward her and my lips were there, brushing against her ear "Fuck, you feel good when you come, Darlin'," I whispered shakily as I began to rock her in my lap.

The more she came down from her orgasm-induced high, the more relaxed she seemed to become, and the more difficult it was to get that delicious friction my body was aching for.

As steadily as I could manage, I lifted her off my lap, almost groaning at the loss of contact between her tight little pussy and my desperate cock. As quickly as I could manage, I carried her sated body over to the couch, making sure she sat up against the side arm so her fresh ink didn't get fucked up.

Her eyes met mine, wide and wanting.

We were nowhere near done.


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