Sunday, April 29, 2012

Chapter 29

Hot Bubblegum by SoapyMayhem

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Chapter 29
*\o\Edward Masen Cullen/o/*

My week passed in a blur.

I buried myself in work to keep my head from wandering to thoughts of Bella, and all the while Rose and Jake would bombard me with teasing comments about my lack of knowledge on the very same subject.

After about four hours of torture, I called for a cease-fire on Bella-talk and threatened to go on an extended vacation if it didn't stop.

Thankfully, they left me alone after that.

It wasn't until Sunday night at my parents' place that I finally felt like I could relax a bit.

Bella was coming in the next day, and in the morning, I was finally going to bite the bullet and look her up. I was still fucking nervous of what I might find, but the stress was beginning to take its toll, so I was starting to think that it would have been better just to know, so I could try to get over it. When I came to that epiphany, I was walking through the doors to my parents suburban home so I couldn't very well look Bella up at that moment, unsure of what explicit content I might find.

"Ma, I'm here," I called out, glancing around the foyer till I spotted a new school picture of Alice on the mantle. The image served as a reminder about my previous plan, making me focused on this boy who was here to defile my sister.

"Edward's here," she announced excitedly before rushing over to plant too many kisses on my face.

"Where Alice?" My tone was gruff, as I steeled myself, ready to be the scary big brother and have this little prick shitting his pants before supper.

"She and Jasper are in the den watching TV. Be nice," my mother warned.

She knew what I was thinking, and I was pretty certain she had a fairly clear idea of what my plan was.

"Of course. I just want to talk to them, say hello and shit," I defended in an overly sweet tone.

"Fine, but Carlisle just left work, and I don't want him subjected to any fighting when he gets home."

"Of course," I agreed, kissing her cheek.

I made my way to the den, certain that I'd find the pair of them stuck together sucking face on the couch, but in reality, they were sitting on opposite ends, faces fixed on the television.

Poor Jasper was just a scrawny little shrimp with coke bottle glasses and judging from the way his lips protruded slightly, giving him a bit of a duck face, I'd say the kid had a mouthful of braces.

Fucker still looks like a baby.

I knew if he stuck around for a while, I'd eventually be giving him 'the talk', but for now, just seeing the awkwardness between him and my baby sis, I couldn't imagine either of them was ready for that now.

I was about to walk over and introduce myself, when I heard a familiar voice coming from the TV.

I walked through the doorway, turning so I could match the voice with a face.

"What the fuck are you watching?" I asked, barely able to believe my eyes.

"Language, Edward."


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