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Chapter 28

Hot Bubblegum by SoapyMayhem

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Chapter 28
*\o\Edward Masen Cullen/o/*

It was a little before lunch time when I came in through the back entrance of the shop that afternoon. Hearing familiar voices, I headed up to the front of the shop.

"The bitch is back," I shouted boisterously when I spotted Emmett and Rose hovering around Jake at the front desk. Before Rose even had the chance to glare at me for the comment, I clarified. "I was referring to Emmett."

Had I been less of a man, I might have pissed myself at the sight of Emmett's hulking form charging at me like a fucking linebacker, ready to take me down, but it was the big dimpled grin on his face that caused him to lose any credibility he had as far as intimidation was concerned. Not to mention the fact that his tackling position might have resembled his bear-hug position.

"Hmph," I choked out as he knocked the breath out of me.

"Fucking... put me down, dude," I wheezed, feeling his grip around my arms tighten.

When Emmett finally let me down, I was sputtering and coughing like an asthmatic. "Next time you'll remember who the real bitch around here is," Emmett shouted victoriously.

"Says the guy who reminded me with a hug," I joked before turning to Jake to ask the same thing I always asked when I came in. "What's on the agenda today, bro?"

"Couple piercings, a retouch, and a bride with her bridesmaids coming to get matching tats to commemorate her wedding," he replied, looking over the appointment book.

"Oh, and your girl called earlier, made an appointment for next Monday," he added smugly, his eyes cutting to Rose's which were raised in surprise.

Meanwhile, my fucking mouth went dry.

Bella's coming back.

"Who the hell is Bella?" Rose asked irritably, making me realize that I'd spoken my thoughts aloud.

Before I could open my mouth to answer her, Jake leaned over and whispered something in her ear. I watched as her red lips fell open and her eyes bugged comically.

"She was here?" Rose asked after finally composing her incredulous expression.

"Yep," Jake replied smugly. "Edward even gave her the V.I.P. treatment in the backroom - after hours, of course."

"Fuck you, Jake," I growled angrily, pinching the bridge of my nose.

"Who did Eddie fuck?" Emmett asked giddily, ignoring my obvious discomfort with the conversation.

"Bella fucking Swan," Rose told him, wide eyed.

"Alright… nice," Emmett said, lifting his hand to give me a high-five which I ignored.

"Get this, though… Edward doesn't even know who she is," Jake said, laughing his ass off hysterically.

"Are you serious?" Emmett replied, surprised before his cheeks suddenly turned pink. "It's not like I watch her stuff or anything… but I mean, even I know who Bella Swan is."

"Well… fuck. Maybe I don't wanna know who she is. Did you think of that?" I replied, becoming angry that I was so out of the loop. Of course, I could have simply pulled out my phone, and in the seconds it would take to load up her info on Wikipedia, I'd know everything there was to know about Bella Swan's history in the entertainment industry.

I just wasn't ready to let go of that perfect image of her yet, even though I knew I'd eventually have to find out before she showed up for her appointment next week.


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