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Chapter 26

Hot Bubblegum by SoapyMayhem

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Chapter 26 
*~Bella Swan~*

"Yes, Eric Yorkie, Teen People - this question is for Miss Swan," a male voice called out as I sipped at a bottle of water. My PA, Charlotte, who I rarely needed except for times like these, must have nodded her head for the man to continue. "Now that Girl Next Door is coming to an end, what's next for Bella Swan?"

Ahh... press conferences - the bane of my fucking existence. However, today was different. Today, I had something important to say.

Thank you, Eric Yorkie, for giving me the perfect segue to my announcement.

"As sad as I am that Girl Next Door is over, I am eager to move forward. For the time being, I plan to enjoy a nice long vacation, maybe try college for a while. There are a few directors I'd like to work with at some point, but that may be a year or so down the road," I replied candidly, all too happy to be officially announcing my retirement, however temporary or permanent it turned out to be.

At my admission, though, the reporters began shouting out questions loudly, all vying for my attention as several PAs and publicists tried unsuccessfully to get them under control again.

My former co-star, Alec, gave me a bored eye roll before turning to talk to Jane, my onscreen B.F.F. and real life frenemy. To me, they were just co-workers, people I had to pretend to like, when in fact, I barely tolerated them.

I was thankful I wouldn't have to deal with their jealous glances and rude comments any longer.




After everyone seemed to calm down, I answered a few more questions. One reporter even had the balls to ask me how I was coping with Mike's recent rejection.

Fucking asshole knew better than to ask that question. He just wanted to ruffle my feathers, see if he could get me to lash out or cry. I was angered all the more when heard Alec and Jane snickering at the my obvious discomfort. Cocksuckers.

It was common knowledge to these people that any comments or questions about Mike or our previous relationship were not to be mentioned.

Charlotte immediately started to cut him off, but I interrupted.

"It's okay. I don't mind answering," I began, trying not to frown when the reporter's face broke out in a smug grin. My tone turned incredulous as I threw his insensitive words back at him "You asked me how I was coping with Mike Newton's rejection?"

The guy nodded silently and visibly shrank in his chair as other reporters looked on him in disdain.

It was a fucking nasty thing to say to a young girl who'd presumably had her heart broken recently.

"Mike Newton and I were not meant to be, and we've both since moved on. He went back to Jessica Stanley, and I... I wish them all the best."

It was so tempting to announce that I recently had amazing sex with a tattooed god, but I could never do that to... him... Edward. Not to mention the fact that the paps would be following me in droves trying to get a glimpse of the guy I was boning.

Best to just leave it be.




After the press conference, I pulled Charlotte aside, needing her to do me a small favor.

Caught up in the memories of my amazing night with Edward, I'd nearly forgotten my promise to his buddy, Jake, that I'd send his little girl some stuff from the show.

Charlotte jotted down my request in her iPhone calendar before assuring me that she'd "have a shit-ton of memorabilia delivered to Blue Rose for little Vanessa" - her words, not mine.

My biggest concern about sending that stuff was that Edward would see it and think of me. A major part of me wanted to be on his mind, but another part of me worried that the reminder that I withheld my identity from him might piss him off more than he probably already was.

I couldn't worry about that, though. I made a promise to Jake that his little girl would get some Girl Next Door stuff, and I intended to keep that promise.




"Hey Jake? This is Bella Swan," I breathed out, relieved that it hadn't been Edward to answer the phone. "I need to make an appointment."


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