Thursday, April 12, 2012

Chapter 12

Hot Bubblegum by SoapyMayhem

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Chapter 12
*\o\Edward Masen Cullen/o/*

"Just try to be as still as possible, okay Darlin'?" I told her, getting her prepped to have the stencil design transferred onto the pale skin of her back.

"Okay," she replied quietly. I could tell she was starting to get nervous, so I decided to try and engage her a bit. Maybe I could even get an answer to the question that had been nagging me all day.

"You're in the umm… entertainment industry, right?" I hedged, almost positive that I was right.

The tips of her ears begin to turn red as she nodded in response to my question, but I couldn't exactly see her face, she was looking toward the wall.

Was she embarrassed? Shit… maybe she really did do porn.

Not wanting to come off like a judgmental asshole, I continued, "I was just wondering if you would have any issues because of the tattoo showing up on camera."

That was probably a dumb question since tattoos could easily be covered with make-up, or special effects, but my mouth seemed to be moving a little faster than my brain at the moment.

"I'm not really doing any more uh… acting at the moment, so it doesn't really matter what I do now," she said nervously.

Damn… we were getting along so well. Maybe I should have kept my mouth shut… well... at least I got her talking. "You decided to quit?" I probed further, unable to stop myself. I was so fucking curious about the girl. I just wanted to know more.

She sighed quietly, sounding a little resigned.

"It just got too stressful… you know? Everyone was so demanding, and my last director - God… such a fucking sleaze - you wouldn't believe…" she went on, relaxing more and more as she spoke "They wanted me to do another movie, even though it wasn't in my contract. The studio heads said it was going to be huge - lots of well known actors - they kept telling me I was going to really make it big after this one."

God… I think she really has done porn.

My thoughts were so scrambled, trying to remember what I'd seen her in - could have been Luscious Asses Unleashed 7 or maybe some random video I'd seen online - but I couldn't just come out and ask her. There was no way I wanted her to know I'd seen her fucking. That would probably make her beyond uncomfortable - either that or it could even hurt her feelings that I didn't really find her performance memorable enough to recall the name of the film I'd seen her in.

"So you just got sick of umm… acting?" I said, carefully avoiding saying the words that were running through my mind.

"Yeah… I'm just over it, you know? My agent - well he's actually my step-dad, but he's also my agent. He wants me doing more adult projects - something a bit edgier. He said my talent was being wasted or some bullshit. He just wants more money, really…"

Okay, now that seemed kind of fucked up that her step-dad was her agent… but even more so that he was encouraging her to do more 'edgy' projects. The guy sounded like a bastard to me.

Was he trying to get her to do rough shit or something? The idea made me a little sick. It also made me wonder how long she'd been doing this stuff. She couldn't have been doing it legally for long since she was still eighteen.

My mind was running wild with all kinds of theories, but it was none of my fucking business anyway, so I decided to put all it out of my head, focus on completing the transfer and get started on her ink.


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