Monday, April 16, 2012

Chapter 16

Hot Bubblegum by SoapyMayhem

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Chapter 16
*\o\Edward Masen Cullen/o/*

After kissing and feeling her, I was adding a few more marks in the porn-star column.

Fuck, she was good.

Though, I had to admit she hadn't actually done much except kiss me and wiggle her perfect little ass against my hard dick, but damn if she didn't feel like heaven when she was doing it - fucking electric if I was being honest.

So what if Bella was a little young? I was fairly certain the girl knew what she was doing.

"You're so fucking beautiful," I whispered, glancing at her dark eyes before my gaze traveled down, hoping I might be able to make out the outline of her nipples through her t-shirt.

Unfortunately, I couldn't.

I really needed to see her, so… "Take your shirt off… careful with the bandage."

She bit her lip, gazing into my eyes for a moment before she carefully took it off, tossing it… somewhere. I didn't know. I was too busy diving face first into her cleavage, pulling one of her lacy blue bra cups down so I could feast on the perfect pink nipple I found.

If the moan that left her lips as she pulled my hair was any indication, she really fucking liked that. "Fuck," I rasped, wrapping my arms around her so I could palm her ass. She let me slip my hands into the back of her jeans before her fingers found their way back into my hair, massaging me slightly - fucking loved that.

"Edward," she whimpered, urgently pushing her lace-covered tits into my face as I nibbled and licked and sucked.

After I'd thoroughly worshiped each one, I was ready to touch her in a more… intimate place.

There was also the little matter of getting a good look at that fine little ass. "Hop up for a second, Darlin'. We need to get these clothes off, and if we're going to take this any further, we need condoms."

Yes. Plural. I said condoms, not condom. I was fairly positive that one round would not be enough.

She quickly climbed off my lap, smiling shyly - her ears and cheeks slightly pink.

Was that from excitement or embarrassment? If it was the latter, I'd need to put a big fucking check in the "not a porn-star" column.

Either way, she was still here, still with me, knowing what I wanted from her, and she was still willing to give it to me. Clicking the barbell in my tongue against my lip ring, I walked over to the chest of graffiti-covered drawers that Rose, Jacob, and I used for personal shit like changes of clothes, Rose's Tampax, Tylenol, and finally condoms - never knew when one of us might need them before a date or party... or in Jacob's case, if a hot client caught his eye.

Err… well, apparently I fell into that category now.

I didn't have rules about fucking clients or anything - just never happened with me. Then again, a girl like Bella had never been through here before either. Hot girls - yes, fake girls - double yes, but beautiful, genuine girls who made my heart race? Never.

"Lose something?" she asked, pretending to sound impatient. Glancing back, I saw her fighting a smile, trying to give me a bitchy glare, arms crossed over her breasts, pushing them up slightly - fuck, I wanted to bury my face there again. Shaking my head in amusement, I turned back to the chest of drawers so I could focus on finding those condoms.

The last thing I wanted was to run down to the convenience store looking like a fucking, ill-prepared jackass with a hard-on.

I dug around for a good thirty seconds, the whole time worrying that Jake might have used the last of them with that long-legged bimbo the week before - surely that shit-kicker didn't have that much stamina.

Finally, I found a long strip inside Rose's Tampax box. Jake would never look there, so she must have assumed they were safe and hid them for when Emmett stopped by. "Found them," I said victoriously, holding the strip up like a trophy.

"Planning to use all those with little old me, Darlin?" she mocked in a ridiculous southern accent that sounded absolutely nothing like my slight twang. It only took another moment before her words finally registered.

Fuck - seven condoms in one night? I might have been young still, but I wasn't a fucking machine.

"At least two or three," I admitted seriously, smirking at her wide, excited eyes.


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