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Chapter 37

Hot Bubblegum by SoapyMayhem

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Chapter 37 
*~Bella Swan~*

His tongue slipped inside, savoring, licking slowly, teasing at what it might feel like to have his mouth between my thighs.

Needing to feel his body beneath my fingertips, I wrapped one hand around his inked bicep, biting back the moan that bubbled up as his muscles flexed under my palm. My other hand found the silky hair at the nape of his neck. It was sinfully soft and just begging to be tugged.

No other boy had ever felt this good in my arms. Nothing had.

The moment I thought his kisses couldn't feel any sweeter, the pleasurable sensations only intensified as his tongue stud rubbed against a single spot, creating a sensitive ache that spread throughout my entire body.

"Bella," he exhaled again, his wandering hands stilling before pressing firmly against my shoulders. Abruptly, his mouth left mine, filling my thoughts with a sort of blind panic.

No. Don't stop.

"Wait," he murmured, as hooded, lust-filled eyes penetrated mine with a possessive stare, his green gaze almost black with need.

I wanted to sob, beg him to dominate my mouth again.

When he didn't immediately capture my lips with his, I settled for annoyance.

"Why?" I not already on my back, crying out as your bury your giant cock in me? My voice sounded petulant, childlike and annoying in my own ears, making me cringe internally.

He sighed, biting the side of his lip that wasn't adorned with a metal ring, as his long-fingered hand roughly tugged the messy strands of his unruly hair. He was clearly distressed, maybe as distressed as I was, if not more.

"We should wait," he began. Just as I opened my mouth to adamantly protest on behalf of my aching clit, he brought silencing finger to my lips. It might have pissed me off if it wasn't so fucking sexy.

"I want to take you out... on a date first."

"I think we're beyond that, wouldn't you say?" I argued, punctuating my statement with a not-so-subtle brush of my hand against the steel-hard erection straining to break free from his jeans. I knew how powerful his cock was, and judging by the way it jerked in response to my touch, I wouldn't have been surprised to see it burst free from its denim confinement.

The pained groan that escaped his lips in response quickly turned into a growl of warning as I increased the pressure, rubbing my open palm over the hard length of his covered shaft.

God, I needed him so bad.

"Don't tempt me, Darlin'," he warned darkly, sending a thrill of desire between my thighs.

"Why not? You've made it quite obvious that you want me," I pressed further.

I really didn't like this pushing me away nonsense. It was really bringing out the brat in me.

"I meant it. I want to take you out - do things right this time," he said, dropping his forehead against my shoulder as I continued to stroke him through his jeans.

"Edward, I want you. You want me... and of course I want you to take me out on a date..." I slid my palm against his stubble-covered cheek, urging him to look at me again "...but please, for the love of

God... I need you. Now," I said adamantly, imploring him to take me right then and there.

At my words, his eyes turned positively feral, and in one swift movement, he backed away from me, toward the door, his penetrating gaze never once leaving mine as he deftly bolted the lock.

The sound of the metal tumblrs clicking into place sent a shiver down my spine.

Fuck yes...


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