Friday, May 18, 2012

Chapter 48

Hot Bubblegum by SoapyMayhem

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Chapter 48 
*\o\Edward Masen Cullen/o/*

As Bella stepped out of her adorable little Mini Cooper, I had to wonder - how many times would I have to fuck my own hand before seeing her to prevent my cock from getting hard in her presence? Obviously the three times I went in the last twenty-four hours, not to mention the fuck-hot head she gave me yesterday, just weren't going to cut it.

My dick would be too raw to fuck if I wasn't careful.

Willing myself to calm down, I leaned back against my car with practiced ease, hoping I looked cool and collected - that she didn't notice the steel hard rod pushing unmercifully against the front of my slacks. It was hard not to be… hard… when Bella looked like…that.

Fuck… she was every guy's wet dream, and at the moment I was thinking - fuck the date. I wanted nothing more than to spread her out and ram my cock into her right there on the hood of my fucking car, but sensible Edward was there mentally chastising me for my singular, perverted thoughts. I was fucked, I tell you… totally and utterly fucked for this girl.




Knowing it would take nearly half an hour to get to the restaurant, I used the time to get to know Bella a little better, while at the same time focusing my eyes on the road to help the predicament in my jeans a bit as well.

"We're here," I said cheerfully as we pulled up beside the restaurant.

"Holy shit," Bella mumbled, her eyes darting excitedly across the parking lot, looking at all the custom hot rods, bikes, and muscle cars and their heavily inked owners - quite a few of them clients of Blue Rose actually.

"Beast's Tavern and Grille - Home of the best fucking burger you'll ever sink your teeth into," I announced, motioning to the building in front of us.

"Better than In and Out?" she asked incredulously.

"Fuck yes, Darlin'. Beast don't make none of that fast food shit here."

She grinned widely, her eyes sparkling with thinly-veiled excitement.

"So you've got a few choices… we can head on in through the front door and eat with those fine folks, or Beast will let us eat in private on the covered back patio," I offered, happy to let her decide what she was comfortable with.

I could tell by her comments the day before that she thought my dating her might be bad for my reputation. If she knew me better, she'd know that, with me, what you see is what you get. I wasn't the type of guy to give up on something I wanted based on what other people thought about it.

And I fucking wanted Bella. Bad.

I also wanted her to know that I respected her need for privacy. She knew better than me how much exposure she could handle. Me? I didn't give a fuck. If the paparazzi wanted to take my picture, tell the world I was the guy givin' it to The Girl Next Door - fucking let em'.


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