Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Chapter 38

Hot Bubblegum by SoapyMayhem

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Chapter 38 
*\o\Edward Masen Cullen/o/*

Every ounce of self control my body possessed seemed to dissipate with her lustful command.

How could I resist? Did I even want to?

Accepting the inevitable, I backed toward the door, twisting the lock till it gave a click. The sound, and its dark promise of things to come, caused an almost guttural reaction inside my body, and with one long stride, I had her in my arms.

"What do you need, Bella?" I whispered, dipping down to brush my lips against her neck and collarbone.

"You... God... your mouth," she panted wildly. I was all too happy to oblige, flattening my tongue against her pulse point, feeling her heart race in response. She tasted so fucking good, like salty-sweet sin.

Moaning at the erotic flavor bursting on my tongue, I yearned for more, tempted to taste every inch of her delicious flesh - show her how hungry I was.

"Lay down on the table, Darlin'," I commanded lustfully.

She complied, rushing to scramble onto the smooth leather surface, waiting for my further direction.

I approached her slowly, stalking toward her, holding her gaze.

Without hesitation, my hands went straight to her thighs, tightly encased in red denim skinny jeans - those fucking things needed to come off. Sliding my palms up higher and higher till I reached the top of her jeans, I set to work unbuttoning and unzipping, needing to have her open and ready to take me.

Following my lead, Bella kicked her shoes off as I worked the tight denim down her legs, slipping them off with ease. I heard her breathing picking up, becoming erratic with excitement.

You want this so bad, don't you, pretty girl? As bad as I want it.

The sight of her sitting there on my table in just her panties and t-shirt was one of the hottest things I'd ever seen in my life, like culmination of every wet dream I'd ever had.

Eagerly, my hand slid up her bare thigh, teasing around the lacey edge of her hot pink panties. They were the color of bubblegum, making my mouth water for a taste of her sweet flavor.

As my fingers danced over the front of that lacey scrap of fabric, I felt her saturated with need.

So fucking wet for me.

"You want my mouth, Darlin?" I rasped, bending down to kiss and nip my way up her inner thigh, toward her hot center. She moaned and nodded, eyes fluttering closed as I got closer and closer to where she wanted me.

"You need it here?" I asked quietly, punctuating the statement with a quick flick of my tongue against the wet spot on her pretty little panties.

I nearly growled at the mouthwatering taste.

"Yes... fuck," she replied with a desperate whimper.

It was all the confirmation I needed before pulling her underwear down her silky smooth legs, and spreading her wide so I could tease and taste - make her come.

In seconds, I was back between her legs, breathing deeply, savoring the scent of her lust, before drawing a lazy circle around her sensitive, pink clit with my thumb.

"Edward," she cried, gripping my hair, staring down at me with unmistakable desire burning in her eyes.

"Yes, love?" I whispered, my lips hovering over the place she wanted me most.

"Please," she cried, tugging at my hair, her voice filled with frustration and undeguised need.

"Yes, ma'am."


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