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Chapter 44

Hot Bubblegum by SoapyMayhem

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Chapter 44 
*~Bella Swan~*

Despite my overwhelming desire to fuck him senseless, I stopped myself from inviting Edward to spend the night at my place. I was sure he'd have declined anyway - better to save myself the embarrassment of rejection.

"You up for hanging out after the session?" he asked, gently wiping at the fresh ink, sending a stinging jolt of pain throughout my body. It might have been better that my mind was so focused on worrying about what might happen with Edward, that I hadn't considered how painful being under the needle would be this time.

Getting the outline filled hurt way more than I'd expected.

I could only imagine how much worse it might have been had I not been relaxed from the fuck-hot orgasms we'd given each other.

With orgasms on the brain, I'd nearly forgotten about Edward's question. "That depends... are they going to give you a hard time about me being around?" I asked him warily. I already heard them laughing and making fun. I hated the idea that his friends might think less of him for being with someone like me. I was sure they assumed I was a fake bitch like most of the other Disney kids seemed to be.

Taking care not to pull too tight, he loosely taped up my back, covering the sensitive skin to protect it from damage. "Of course, but it wouldn't be any different than usual," he admitted before placing a tender kiss on my shoulder above my ink.

It sent a thrill of delight through me, making me want nothing more than to straddle his delicious body and grind on him till he was mad with lust. Then he'd have no choice but to fuck me passionately, angling his hips, so he hit the most perfect...

"Bella?" his voice broke me from my lust-induced fantasy, causing my face to flush with color.


"You're all done," he said quietly.

"Until the next one," I replied with a smirk.

Yeah... I already want another one.



Jake and Rose both turned out to be pretty nice. They definitely gave Edward a hard time when they noticed his fly was undone, but the topic of my fame, and how utterly dissimilar my world was from theirs, never seemed to come up for discussion.

Despite our glaring differences, they treated me like an old friend, and Rose even put her arm around my shoulder to whisper embarrassing secrets about Edward, making me groan in sympathy when she told me about the time he puked on this customer who had really bad hygiene during a genital piercing.




"I had fun today," I told Edward just as I was getting ready to leave. He agreed and brought his lips to mine swiftly, kissing me so good, it nearly brought me to my knees.

"Goodnight, Edward," I whispered against his lips, making no move to pull away. He didn't seem too eager to stop me either, wrapping me in his arms till Jake came up behind him making exaggerated kissing sounds and moaning like a bitch in heat.

"Get the fuck out of here, Black," Edward growled, clutching me to his chest possessively.

Fuck... we needed to get this date shit out of the way before I ended up tackling this man.

Damn you, Edward Cullen.


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