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Chapter 39

Hot Bubblegum by SoapyMayhem

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Chapter 39 
*~Bella Swan~*

The moment, I felt his hot tongue on my clit, sucking and savoring, all coherent thought left me. I helplessly succumbed to the mind numbing pleasure he gave freely - eagerly.

So many little gasps and cries left my lips, and at the moment, I didn't care who knew - who heard. I never wanted it to end.

The masterful way he played my body created an ache so deep inside, I was on the verge of begging for relief. For his cock.

"You taste so fucking good, baby," Edward mumbled against my clit, his hot breath scorching my already overheated flesh. A moan left my mouth, quickly followed by a shaky gasp as he plunged a slender finger inside me without warning. Then another, curling and rubbing against that sweet spot I never knew existed till he showed me.

"I'm gonna come," I whimpered, arching into his hand, bringing his face closer, spurring him on, making him lick me harder.

"Fuck... oh fuck, Edward," I cried out, my thighs tightening, holding his head in place as wave after glorious wave of pleasure surged through my body, making me helplessly thrust my hips till I was riding out my climax with each heart pounding spasm.

"Yes," Edward growled against my pussy before giving my clit a final, leg quivering, lick.

"Did you like that, Darlin'?" he asked seductively, crawling over me onto the table, making his way up my body, with intense eyes and erotically charged kisses that must have been strategically placed to make me even hotter for him - if that was even possible.

"I want you," I gasped as he slipped his hand under my shirt rolling it up till my pink lace bra was exposed, the demi cups giving him a nice glimpse of my cleavage which he promptly kissed before sliding the cup down. He swirled his tongue over a nipple and sucked lightly making me moan as the pressure sent a jolt of desire to my already aching center.

"I told you..." he began, pausing to kiss his way up my neck. I eagerly anticipated every carnal word that left his succulent lips "...that I wanted..." he paused again, tongue slipping out to taste that sensitive spot below my ear. The new sensation sent my thoughts into a daze as his words continued almost beyond my current level of comprehension " take you on a date first."

"Please," I moaned wanting him inside, opening my legs to accommodate him. That was when his words finally registered.

"Wait... what?" I replied still lust-blind, wondering how he could possibly imagine stopping at this point.

"I want to take you out before we go any further, Darlin'," he said quietly, with a gentle kiss on my cheek.

"You, ass," I snapped, pushing against his shoulders. "Why would you work me up like that?"

"I couldn't help myself, Darlin'. You're just so fucking sexy," he answered, his voice nearly a pained groan. He was just as frustrated as I was.

Why he denied himself relief was beyond me though.

"Come on, please," I said reaching for the bulge in his jeans. He caught the direction my hand was heading and angled his hips away from me. "It's obvious we both need... relief..." Logic was the only chance I had left.

"Yes, but good things come to those who wait," he argued making grunt irritably.

Sex was a new and wonderful thing to me and so far it really fucking sucked being denied it, especially when the only person I wanted to have it with was so close - telling me no.

"I know you're frustrated. Believe me, I am more frustrated than you can possibly imagine, but my mind is made up. I'm serious about this."

"There's no swaying you?" I asked finally taking him at his word.

"You can try, but I think you'd agree that trying would just make things harder - literally," he said with a nervous chuckle before climbing off the table and me.

I loved being under Edward, and I was determined to find myself in that position again very soon.

I was used to getting my way, whatever I wanted, so I wasn't sure I could handle being denied much longer.

"So how quickly can we go on this date?" I replied seriously.


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