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Chapter 34

Hot Bubblegum by SoapyMayhem

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Chapter 34 
*~Bella Swan~*

The way Edward was looking at me, I wasn't sure whether to cringe, cum, or shit my pants.

Was it desire? Anger? Frustration? Maybe a mixture of all three - hence the war being waged in my body over how best to react.

It was time to put my acting skills to use.

If he wanted to be like... like... that, then so would I.

Mimicking his stiff position, I crossed my arms, holding his gaze, holding my ground.

I was a motherfucking superhero - I would not back down, no matter how fucking hot Edward was.

"Bella," he said so quietly, I almost didn't catch it.

Rather than answer him, I raised my brow in question, needing him to give me some clue about the way he was feeling.

Did he care? Was he freaked out? Angry? Betrayed? Did he still want me?

I wasn't about to ask those questions out loud.

The proverbial ball was in his court now. I already told him to find out who I was and whether or not he could deal with my reality. I'd been so worried all week about what he'd think of me after he learned who I was, but I had hardly considered the possibility that he might not give a shit - that who I was didn't matter because he'd already gotten what he wanted from me.

Whatever the outcome, I would be fine. I was always fine.

"Are you gonna hang out in front of the door all day, Darlin?" He used that cocky tone, the one my body couldn't help but react to - sending a pleasurable chill down my spine.

Wordlessly, I walked toward him, careful not to look to the left at the embarrassing cardboard cutout likeness of me.

My eyes were so busy studying him, cataloguing every erotically charged detail of his amazingly perfect body, that I almost didn't notice the voluptuous blonde with red lips and brightly-inked sleeves slip out from behind the counter.

"I'll just... leave you two alone," she said awkwardly before she let out an unladylike snort and disappeared through the back of the shop.

Who the fuck was that?

Maybe it was irrational, but inside I was livid.

Jealousy and pure possessive need seeped from every pore.

Don't jump to conclusions, Bella.

Ignoring the little green monster, I moved forward till I was finally standing in front of Edward, his eyes having never left mine - even as I glared at the empty doorway the busty, blonde bombshell left through.

Feeling his eyes searing into my brain, I cringed a bit, knowing I couldn't avoid Edward's stare forever.

"I've been thinking about you non-stop for the last two weeks, Darlin," he whispered, his voice rougher than before. Unable to resist, my eyes trailed up his muscular chest catching his adam's apple as he swallowed thickly.

"You did?" I whispered in surprise before I found his smooth lips - his sexy pierced pout.

"For a while, I thought you weren't coming back."

His voice was tired.

Not expecting the sincerity in his voice, I couldn't help but meet his eyes - dark and green, capturing me with their depth.

"But I did," I countered quietly.

"You did."

His lips quirked slightly, as if he was fighting a smile, but at the same time, the tension seemed to bubble between us as we waited - hoping someone would make the next move.

Mere inches of air separated us, and we so fucking close together that Edward could have easily leaned down and captured my lips with his, ending the little game I started.

If only.

I'd let him have me - anything.

Would he take it - claim what was already his for the taking?


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