Friday, May 25, 2012

Chapter 55

Hot Bubblegum by SoapyMayhem

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Chapter 55 
*~Bella Swan~*

The whole I love you thing was really throwing me for a loop. I'd never been in love. I knew I loved my parents. I could even admit to having a bit of affection for Phil - even if he was kind of plastic and gross. He was pretty good to my mom and me.

But being in love - the sensation was entirely foreign. I couldn't even be sure if that was what I was really feeling.

All I knew was that I could say without a doubt that if anyone had a chance of making me fall for them it was Edward. He was just... amazing.

Maybe I was naive. Of course, I couldn't see all his flaws and I didn't know him well enough to be sure he wouldn't turn out to be a complete asshole, but my gut instincts told me he was as good-hearted as they came.

Then there was also the little matter of him having thebest cock in the world. Granted, Edward's was only the second one I'd ever had contact with, but that didn't matter. I was sure his was the best.

"How we doin' this?" he asked, with one pierced brow raised in question. Snapping my attention out of the gutter and back to the present.

"Uhh... I was thinking I'd wear boy clothes - like a hat and shades, maybe one of your tees if that's cool..."

"One celebrity disguise, coming right up." He smirked at me, rolling his eyes in amusement before grabbing a slightly worn Pixies concert tee, a Dodgers cap, and a pair of RayBans.

"You're too sweet."




"I don't think anyone will recognize you looking like that," he commented, tugging on the cap for emphasis. I had a feeling he was right. Dressed the way I was, I barely resembled the Girl Next Door. The four hundred dollar jeans and two hundred dollar sneakers were probably the only things that gave me away.

Hopefully, people would be too busy staring at the inked god at my side to notice there was a celebrity in their midst.

"How do you know I don't dress like this all the time?" I teased, making him laugh and blush a little.

"Hmm... probably because I cyber-stalked you for about eight hours straight the other night. Did you know there's a Girl Next Door Barbie?" That right there... that was why I loved Edward Cullen. He was honest. He didn't care if Googling me for eight hours made him seem like a creepy stalker. He was just above all the fake L.A. bullshit, and that was something I desperately needed.

Though, he had to know how embarrassing it was bringing up the whole Barbie thing. I hated that fucking doll. Renee had one in her little Girl Next Door shrine with all the memorabilia and my Kid's Choice Awards.

"Oh, God, that fucking thing is the worst!"A few years ago, I thought it was the coolest thing, but now it just seemed weird and creepy. "I was fourteen when they made that! My chest was as flat as a boy's at the time," I told him with a groan.

"I'd say you filled out nicely over the years, Miss Swan" he teased. I gave him playful swat.

Apparently he liked that, because the next thing I knew, I was pinned against the wall, leg hitched over his thigh as he thrust his hips, mouth meeting mine as he pushed his hardening erection in just the right spot.

It was another hour and half before we finally made it to IHOP...


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