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Chapter 58

Hot Bubblegum by SoapyMayhem

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Chapter 58 
*\o\Edward Masen Cullen/o/*

"You don't have to do this. You know that right?" I told her, knowing good a well she wasn't going to back down. I didn't want her to feel obligated.

Just because my mother had downright demanded I bring my new girlfriend over for Sunday dinner didn't mean she was actually required to attend, but Bella was bound and determined not to make a bad impression on my family. She wanted to make sure they saw her as a normal, down to earth girl, rather than a spoiled celebutant - her words, not mine. I thought she was fucking perfect.

I knew my family would love her, but I also knew they'd embarrass the fuck out of me too - especially my little sister, the self-proclaimed, Girl Next Door Superfan - which was exactly why I was terrified of telling my family who Bella was ahead of time. It would give little Alice time to prepare and blab and brag to all her squealing girlfriends and that little dork, Jasper.

It was unlikely Carlisle would even recognize her, but I was certain my mother would, Alice on the other hand would probably piss her pants and faint if I was lucky. I shuddered to think of her tackling Bella and crying like the little lunatic that she was.

Bella had no fucking clue what she was getting herself into. She couldn't say I didn't warn her either.

"I know I don't, but I want to meet your parents. Besides, you'll have to meet Renee and Phil eventually too," she reminded, while I groaned inwardly.

Parents hated me. They hated my laidback attitude, the way I talked, my piercings and tats. They all assumed because I was from the South that I was an illiterate racist - at least the tats saved me from being accused of being a religious fanatic as well.

I had no delusions that Bella's hippy-dippy mother and fake, plastic stepfather would be an exception. I imagined they'd only be even more opposed to our relationship when they found out I was eight years her senior.

Who needs parental approval… can't we just… be?

So far, Bella and I had been together for a little over two months. We'd been living blissfully inside our little bubble, carefully avoiding the paps, as Bella called them. So far there had only been a few pictures to surface of Bella coming and going at Blue Rose and then another blurry one of the backs of our heads when Bella drove me home from her place one night last week.

At this point no one had put two and two together that Bella's 'mystery man' was the reason for her visits to a local tattoo parlor. Everyone seemed to think she was just there getting work done. They were more focused on catching a glimpse of ink on their precious Girl Next Door than they were about hunting down some random guy spotted in her car.

We both knew the bubble of privacy couldn't last forever. Inevitably my name and identity would be leaked to the public and Bella and I would be a hot topic for a little while, but eventually it would all die down and then we would be able to go about our lives in peace. Whatever happened, I knew Bella was worth it.

"Are you ready?" I asked her before opening the door to my parents place.

She nodded, but I could tell she was absolutely terrified.

Here we go…


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