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Chapter 36

Hot Bubblegum by SoapyMayhem

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Chapter 36 
*\o\Edward Masen Cullen/o/*

It was all I could do to avoid kissing her. The only consolation I gave myself was the enjoyment of having Bella's hand in mine as I guided her past Jake and Rose and into the backroom.

If I was going to finish working on her tat today, then we'd have ended up back there at some point anyway.

"I'm sorry about them, they have no concept of tact, Jake especially." Things were already so strained between us. I really hoped my friends didn't end up scaring her off with their idiotic behavior.

"It's okay. My presence tends to garner a wide variety of reactions - most positive, others not so much, but I guess you could say it's given me tough skin. Aside from that, I'm quite certain they were laughing at you, Edward," she replied, giving me a coy half smile that threatened to melt away the tension between us.

I laughed slightly, reluctantly releasing her hand from mine.

"I guess I had that coming with my ridiculous assumption about you working in the adult film industry..." her brow raised in challenge, and I realized how my words must have sounded. "Not that you couldn't be if you wanted... your body is amazing and you fuck like..." Those innocent-looking brown eyes widened as if she'd been scandalized by my words. Fuck. "...umm you know what I mean," I trailed off, embarrassed by my inappropriate rambling.

"I should probably get to work on your back now," I said with a defeated groan.

"Edward... wait," she whispered before grabbing my hand again, making me a little giddy that she'd been the one to initiate contact this time. I met her eyes, studying silently as a gamut of emotions flickered in them, making me wonder what strange and sexy thoughts might be filling her pretty head. "There's something I want... before you get started."

The small grin on her face boosted my confidence a bit. "Tell me, Darlin'."

She tugged me closer, pulling at my hand like an impatient child, but I complied, leaning toward her, blood rushing to my cock as her tongue peeked out to wet her lips. The small signal was all I needed to seal our mouths in a desperate kiss.

We moaned at the same time, the vibration of sound sending a pulse of raw animal lust straight to my now aching cock.

How the fuck would I be expected to work after an explosive connection like that?

My body was screaming for relief that only Bella could give, making me throb with the need to fill her sweet body with my cum.

Her hand blazed a scorching trail down my chest - my cock more than likely its final destination. Even as the persistent organ revolted against the thought, pressing painfully against my button-fly jeans, I knew I had to put the fucking brakes on before we went any further.

"Bella," I breathed against her eager lips, my own just as reluctant to break the connection.

"Hmm?" she hummed before sliding her hot tongue against mine. I could feel my already tenuous control slipping as her hands began working at the buttons on my jeans.

Yes - my body screamed - fuck her... right now. Spread her legs and suck that sweet clit till her nectar runs down your chin onto the table.

My conscience, on the other hand, the boring, sensible bastard, reminded me of the last time I lost control with Bella and how shitty I felt for fucking her at the shop, like she was no different than the desperate skanks Jake fucked in the back room.

As hot as it would have been, I wanted to treat her right, take her on dates, figure her out - get inside that beautifully complicated mind of hers - show her that she was more to me than a fuck, than a ticket to fame or a topic of widely-discussed gossip.

The question was - would she let me?

"Bella," I said more firmly this time needing to break the magnetic connection that existed between our lips.


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