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Chapter 53

Hot Bubblegum by SoapyMayhem

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Chapter 53 
*\o\Edward Masen Cullen/o/*

Bella's tight little body clutched me tighter as I hovered over her. I was tired of fighting my desire to be with her.

"Yes," she moaned in response to the dark promise I made her.

All too soon we were moving in tandem, grinding and kissing, licking and nibbling. I loved the moans of pleasure that left her soft lips.

"Condom," she panted against my neck making me groan.

I hated those fucking things and wanted nothing more than for Bella and I to get to a point where we could go without them. Knowing tonight wasn't that night I wordlessly nodded against her before grabbing an unopened box from my bedside table.

I pulled out a long strip reminding Bella of that first night weeks ago when I threatened to use all seven of them with her in one go. Of course, it didn't go that way and I had a feeling inebriated Bella would not be up for more than a round or two.

"Are all those for little ole me, Darlin'?" she questioned, using her exact words from that night at the shop.

"I'd rather not use them at all, but if I have to I plan to use this entire box with you... and then some," I admitted with a smirk.

"Now that was sign of commitment if I ever heard one," she teased.

"I admit it wasn't the most romantic thing I've ever said."

"Can you touch me now?" she whispered, obviously becoming impatient.

I didn't answer her, choosing to guide my hand under the waistband of her jeans, sliding into her panties.

"Fuck you're soaked," I rasped suddenly unable to stop myself from grinding my cock against her hip.

"It's you," she whispered. "I want you so much."

"You have me."

Quickly, I slipped my hand from her jeans, unbuttoning them, so I could slide them down her legs, taking her panties with them. I was so eager to get inside her, I was fairly certain I might not last five minutes much less thirty.

When her legs were bare, spread wide and open, I couldn't help but stare."Fuck."

"Take your clothes off," she gasped scrambling to remove her shirt.

I complied frantically stripping down to nothing but my tented boxers.

Bella slid down the bed, her hand finding my erection quickly, making me groan loud enough to wake the neighbors.

She reached for one of the condoms I'd set aside to remove our clothes, opening it so she could slide it onto my throbbing cock.

My body ached. It fucking ached to be inside her.

How I'd managed to resist her this long was a mystery.

Once I was fully sheathed, I climbed back up her body, watching as her hand moved between us to guide my cock to her entrance, just as she said she would.

Pressed against her heat, I felt as though I'd go mad before I could manage to push into her.

"Oh God, Edward," she gasped, her sweet pussy welcoming my cock like a long lost lover, squeezing the ever-loving fuck out of me.

"Jesus, Christ. I forgot how fucking tight you were," I admitted, my lips brushing against her neck as I started to sweat. Slowly, I continued to push into her, watching the space between us closing in till my cock completely disappeared inside her. How she managed to fit it all in her tight, little hole was beyond me.

"Harder," she gasped, rocking her hips against mine frantically.

Finding her eyes, I gazed into them watching her carefully for any sign of discomfort as I began to move faster and harder, pounding into her pussy with abandon.

She never once cried out in anything but pleasure.

My balls were getting even tighter with the knowledge that I could fuck her this way, make her this fucking hot and wet - have her panting and moaning in my arms.

"Never felt this good," I gasped before finding her lips. I felt too raw and exposed to meet her eyes after my admission. I was definitely feeling something for Bella, but I thought it would be best discussed at a later time.

"Nothing has ever been this good." At her honest reply and unfamiliar warmth spread through my chest.

My need for her increased exponentially, and all I could think about was burying myself inside her till there was no way of knowing where I ended and she began.

I slid my hands under her ass lifting her, tilting her hips till I was buried even deeper, hitting a spot that had her crying and shaking in my arms as she struggled against the intensity of her sudden climax.

"Yes. Just let go, baby," I whispered, finding her clit, swollen and slippery against my fingers. I rubbed her in tight circles till she gasped and screamed, falling apart in my arms, squeezing my cock like a fucking vice.

"Fuck, you're gonna make me cum," I growled, fighting to remain upright as my thrusts turned erratic.

"I want it," she breathed, her eyes clenched shut.

"You want my cum, baby?"

"Yeah," she whimpered, her inner walls fluttering again, like she might come a second time.

Knowing I wasn't going to last much longer, I increased the speed of my thrusts sending us both over the edge.

"Jesus," I shouted spilling into her, giving her what she wanted.

Not wanting to leave her arms, I rolled us over, slipping out of her till I could dispose of the condom while still hanging on to her with my other arm.

By the time I looked back at her, her face was serene and relaxed.

She was asleep.


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