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Chapter 49

Hot Bubblegum by SoapyMayhem

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Chapter 49 
*~Bella Swan~*

A choice.

It wasn't often I was given one, and yet Edward offered it freely, like he truly understood my needs.

On one hand, I wanted to keep Edward to myself, let us talk in private, without interruption - avoiding the possibility of me being recognized and approached.

Another part of me, though, looked at this night and this place as a rare opportunity to feel normal - if normality was something even possible for a girl like me to achieve.

"What do you think?" I asked him, feeling a little uncertain.

"Honestly, I don't know if anyone in there will recognize you. I mean, they aren't exactly your target demographic, but if someone does realize who you are, I doubt they'll bother you," he assured me. "I think it could be fun."

"Will this guy, Beast, let me drink?" I asked hopefully.

"There's a chance that could be arranged," he said with a smirk.




"Fuck… Edward, why did you let me drink so much?" I complained, leaning heavily against his side as he guided us to his car. Fuck, it looks pretty dark outside - must be late. "You didn't need to ply me with liquor… you're totally gonna score tonight."

"Oh am I?" he said with a grin, keeping me steady on my feet.

"You s-sure are, Darlin'," I slurred, licking my lips in a manner I hoped was sexy.

"Okay," he agreed, laughing a little as he kissed the top of my head and helped me into the car.

I was feeling pretty tired.

"You're hot, Edward. So fucking hot… did you know that?"

"I'm glad you think so. I think you're pretty fucking hot too." I could still hear laughter in his voice, and it made me wonder what he thought was so funny. I was too tired to ask.

"Good… yeah… good."




My eyes fluttered open a little, noticing that Edward was still by my side, one hand resting on the gear shift, the other on the wheel.

"I wanna put your cock in my mouth again s-so bad," I whispered, moving across the bench seat, so I could rub my hand on the top of his thigh.

Oh… is that his cock? Yummy.

"Jesus Christ," he groaned loudly. "You're gonna kill us both if you grab my dick like that again.

"But, I want to… you know…" I paused for emphasis before whispering against his ear "… suck it."

"Fuck… Bella," he growled a little.

Oh man… that sound made me really wet.

"Can we just go to your place… or mine… whichever's closer?"

"Shit, Bella… you are one horny drunk," he replied, laughing a bit more easily after I let go of his wiener.

"Maybe you would be too if you drank more than a two beers," I retorted childishly.

"You were the one who accepted all those free shots from Beast, so someone had to drive your goofy ass home."

"His name is Felix," I corrected.

"I can't believe he let you call him that. Everyone calls him Beast."

"I'm done talking about beasts, Edward, unless it's the long thick beast between your legs."

"Fuck, you got a dirty mouth, girl," he groaned again.

"All the better to taste you with, my pretty." I cracked myself up, giggling like a lunatic while Edward continued driving, shaking his head a little.



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