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Chapter 60

Hot Bubblegum by SoapyMayhem

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Chapter 60 
*~Bella Swan~*

 With more than a little uncertainty, my eyes stayed fixed on the doorway, waiting for Edward's pre-teen sister and her boyfriend to join us in the living room.

How could something so innocuous fill me with so much fear?

I should have been used to screaming kids by now, and for the most part I was, but not in places where should have been able to relax and feel comfortable enough to be myself.

I'd already decided that Edward was it for me, but could his family accept that as well?

Could they get to know the real me and see beyond my public image?

The same could be said for him as well though, as I had no idea how welcome Renee and Phil would make him. My luck, as hot as Edward always looked, Phil would try to recruit him for modeling gigs or something.

Yeah... I didn't like that idea too much. I didn't want other people ogling my man anymore than they already did.

The simultaneous feeling of Edward tightening his grip on my waist, and soft footfalls snapped me back to the present, as my eyes found the doorway again.

Just as I looked up, a tiny little girl with inky, black hair and glasses stormed in tugging a lanky, little blonde boy behind her in a manner that could only be described as man-handling. Poor kid.

The girl had irritation written all over her porcelain face, her eyes drawn comically in frustration.

"Hey, Edward's girlfriend," she muttered not even looking at me before turning to walk back out the same door she came in. The room fell silent, all but the sound of a quick gasp and little Alice's retreating footsteps.

I imagined Edward's parent might have normally chastised her for that type of behavior, but they were both too busy watching her friend to say anything.

My eyes found the source of the gasp - Alice's friend had noticed me, his blue eyes set wide in his face, partially hidden behind thick plastic frames. I might have laughed, if Edward's sister's insistent tugging hadn't caused the wide-eyed boy to fall right on his bottom.

I did hear Edward snickering a little and smacked him on the arm, just as Esme did the same as Carlisle when he laughed at the poor boy.

Alice must have noticed Jasper wasn't following along because she suddenly turned around and began scrambling to help her boyfriend stand up. Jasper just looked shell-shocked, his eyes still fixed on me as his mouth opened and closed over and over.

Might as well just get it over with.

I slipped out of Edward's grasp and walked toward the two kids. Alice still hadn't noticed me.

"Hello, I'm Bella," I said, my voice wavering slightly as I held a helping hand out to little Jasper.

At the sound of my voice Alice's expression froze, her eyes slowly lifting to mine, wide and incredulous.

"But... uh... but... but... uh... but," she stammered, causing me to suppress a giggle at how utterly inarticulate my presence had rendered the poor girl.

"You're Alice, and Jasper right?" I asked softly, crouching down to their level hoping that would help them a little. It usually worked with most of the shy ones I met. Alice nodded, eyes still wide in disbelief. Jasper on the other hand still looked like a fish out of water. "Is he gonna be okay?"

"He's... he's... You're Bella Swan!" she shouted suddenly as if she'd only just realized it.

"Yes, I am," I said with a nervous laugh, and felt a little better when I felt Edward's warm hand on my back. "I'm your brother's girlfriend as well."

At that admission, Alice's eyes practically popped out of her tiny skull and little Jasper startled us all by suddenly laughing hysterically.

I was happy for the reprieve, as everyone focused their attention on the boy's strange behavior.

"Are you okay?" I asked him, meeting his blue eyes.

Suddenly Jasper's laughter ended and he looked up at me as serious as could be.

"I love you," he blurted, making me blush about ten shades of red.

"Umm... thanks?" I responded nervously before looking up to find Edward behind me, his shoulders shaking with silent laughter.


What the hell had he gotten me into.



  1. Poor lil Jasper! I <3 this story. :)

  2. Haha - what a cute little Geeksper. And Alice is speechless. I love it!