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Chapter 59

Hot Bubblegum by SoapyMayhem

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Chapter 59 
*~Bella Swan~*

"Mom? Dad?" Edward called out as we stepped in through the front door of his parent's house.

I was probably more nervous than I'd ever been in my life, and that was saying something when I thought of all the televised stuff, like award shows, that I'd attended and even presented for. My behavior was always under scrutiny, being judged and reported on, followed - yet none of that compared to the worry I had that Edward's family would think I wasn't a good match for their son.

Before I could become even more panicked, an older woman with caramel-colored hair strode into the room, wiping her hands on the front of an apron. Her green eyes seemed to dance back and forth between Edward and me for a moment before landing directly on my face a widening considerably.

"Hello," she said sounding a bit dazed.

"Hi, Mrs. Cullen - I'm Bella," I admitted shyly, holding my hand out to her in greeting, just as Edward wrapped his arm around me in a gesture that did wonders for setting my rapidly beating heart at ease.

"Bella Swan," she whispered, her voice filled with shock, eyes darkening slightly before settling on her son's as she timidly took my hand. "But you're…"

"She's my girlfriend, Mom," Edward interrupted as she pulled back. I wasn't sure what his mother had intended to say, but Edward must have.

I gave Mrs. Cullen a polite smile which she returned warily. Great - not even here five minutes and things are already going wrong.

"Well… that's just… How did the two of you meet?" she asked awkwardly.

"Edward did some work for me on a tattoo a few months ago, and we just hit it off," I explained lamely. There was no way in hell that I was going to tell his mother what really happened. No need to make her hate me even more than the she already did.

"Bella's amazing," Edward admitted before bringing my hand to his lips so he could kiss it lightly, giving me his signature sexy half-smile and smoldering gaze. So yeah, I blushed, but seriously - motherfucking swoon!

It was then that Edward's dad - well, step-dad as Edward mentioned recently - came into the room to join his wife. "Dad, this is Bella, my girlfriend," he introduced proudly.

"Now I know why Edward's been missing Sunday dinners," he teased, smiling ruefully. "I'm Carlisle by the way."

I blushed at the comment, remembering how Edward and I spent last Sunday night at his house…

"Freeze, Mister. I've got you cornered," I warned, positioning my hands the way my character on the show always did before releasing a blast of paralyzing energy to stop the bad guys from getting away.

It was then that Edward stepped of the shadows of his darkened bedroom, eyes covered by a sexy black mask, wearing a sleek black body suit that hugged every curve and line of defined muscle, drawing my eyes down to the red utility belt and codpiece that only succeeded in keeping me from being able to tell how hard he was underneath. I nearly pouted in frustration.

"You don't know who you're dealing with, little girl," he growled threateningly, lowering his voice till it was a deep rasp.

"Then… why don't you… enlighten me, sir?" I countered uneasily, still holding my ground even as he approached me in a manner that could only be described as 'predatory.'

"Fuck," Edward muttered, breaking character. "You look so fucking hot in that little spandex outfit."

"What about out of it?" I teased, sliding my hand over the smooth material covering his muscular chest, more than ready to get a peek of his delicious ink.

"I might just need a reminder, so I have a good basis for comparison."

Biting my lip, I turned away from him, placing my hands beside my head against the wall, legs shoulder-width apart. "Mmm, you might want to frisk me first… never know what kind of weapons might be concealed underneath it all."

"I know what kind of weapons you've got under there…" he whispered darkly, warm lips brushing against the shell of my ear. It was then that I felt his large hand slide across the stretchy fabric of my Girl Next Door jumpsuit, before slowly trailing down, moving past the utility belt till his other hand joined, bringing his hips flush with my ass. Single-mindedly, he bunched the loose fabric of my skirt at my waist, tucking it into the belt where he found me completely naked the rest of the way down. "…the fucking dangerous kind."

Quickly, his hands went to work rubbing and teasing, one sliding over my ass, spreading my cheeks, before the other found my pussy hot and slick in response to our naughty little role-play session.

"So fucking wet, aren't you, little girl?"

A mere whimper of need was the only sound that left my lips - I couldn't manage to form words with him pressed against me so close.

"Don't move," he ordered sharply, removing himself from my personal space - away from where I wanted him. I still shuddered at the command, shocked to realize how hot his words made me.

A bit of shuffling behind me piqued my curiosity, but I didn't want to disappoint Edward by going against his sexy demand. Before I knew it though, he was right back behind me, hands finding me again. This time in a less teasing more pleasing manner as his fingers quickly slipped through my folds, rubbing me, making me moan and writhe.

I moved to clamp my thighs together to hold his hand in place, but his words stilled me. "Keep em' spread, Darlin'."

I fucking shuddered too, especially when he grabbed my hips, making me stick my ass out.

Without warning, he plunged his cock inside me, filling me up with one hard thrust. I gasped in pleasure and disbelief. "Fuck, Bella," he growled, holding my hips flush with his for a few seconds before sliding out and thrusting in again. The power he put behind each thrust nearly nailed me to wall.

 "You like my cock, little girl?" he taunted, as he fucked me.

"Oh God, Edward," I cried out as he continued to hit this spot inside that had me aching for more. "Make me come, baby… please."

"You want to come?" he asked, fingers finding my clit before I was reduced to begging.

"Fuck yes," I whined, already feeling my body begin to tense and spasm as my release drew closer and closer.

Edward's hips drove into me harder, as his breathing turned heavy and labored, filling the room with the sounds of our skin meeting feverishly, and the dual sounds of lovers panting for each other. "I know your fucking close, little girl. So am I," he admitted tensely, showing the truth of his words. "Come for me."

"Shit," I shouted as his words sent me flying over the edge, body shaking, muscles pulsing. He stilled behind me before giving me a few erratic thrusts, letting me know he hadn't been far behind.

As we both came down, panting and sweaty, his arms tightened around me, lips finding my neck. "You have to wear that costume again sometime, Darlin'," he decided sexily.

"Likewise, baby."

After a moment of silence, I realized I hadn't responded to Edward's dad's comment. "Nice to meet you, Carlisle," I replied bashfully.

The older man grinned at my reply, before mirroring Edward's stance and draping his arm around his wife's waist.

"What's for dinner tonight?" Edward asked, directing the question at his mother, who was just standing there staring at me.

"Hmm?" she said distractedly.


"Oh… umm… just some pot roast and vegetables with mashed potatoes and cornbread," she told him, finally looking away from me. Then her face became drawn with worry. "Is that okay with you, Bella?"

"That sounds great. I love a home-cooked meal," I told her.

"Alice, Jasper, come meet Edward's girlfriend," Carlisle called over his shoulder, startling me, making Edward tense.

"Cover your ears," Edward warned suddenly, filling be with abject fear.


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