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Chapter 56

Hot Bubblegum by SoapyMayhem

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Chapter 56 
*\o\Edward Masen Cullen/o/*

"You look fucking adorable," I told her as we hopped out of the car. It was a Tuesday afternoon, so the place wasn't all that packed. I had a feeling it wouldn't have mattered either way. Bella just didn't look like the glamour girl from the premieres or even the cute trendy girl from all those magazine spreads.

Now, she looked like a hot tomboy, like a girl who enjoyed wearing her boyfriend's clothes. I liked her in my clothes too. Especially in my Pixies t-shirt - the way she wore it, with the excess length knotted at her waist and the sleeves rolled up to her shoulders exposing a little of her fresh ink - ink that I was fucking proud to claim as mine.

I had to admit that I loved the fact that I'd marked her - that something of mine would be on her forever. No matter what.

Once we were inside the restaurant, it didn't take long for the hostess to get us seated with menus and a couple sodas. Apparently, Bella and I shared a mutual love of Dr. Pepper which was great - especially after I'd gulped mine down and she still had more than half a glass left to share till I got a refill. She didn't mind, and knowing that made me grin all goofy and stupid for some reason. It was such a trivial thing, yet it somehow seemed important.

"What?" she asked responding to the expression on my face.

"I dunno... I was just thinking about you. I guess," I shrugged, feeling like I should probably be embarrassed for getting so worked up and giddy just because the girl didn't mind sharing her Dr. Pepper.

"Nothing bad I hope?" she replied, laughing uneasily.

"Nah... I was just thinking about how much I like you, Darlin'," I told her honestly, stabbing into a sausage link with my fork. I bit into it, chewing and watching her carefully for any signs of panic or fear.

Being a former commitmentphobe myself, I recognized the signs. I could spot a runner a mile away.

"Oh? And how much is that?" she asked, her eyes dark and questioning.

"More than I probably should after only one date." I admitted, feeling my heart speed up. Her eyes brightened, fingers fidgeting with a straw wrapper as a small smile tugged at her lips.

There was no sign of the frightened girl who left Blue Rose just a few weeks earlier. This girl was honest and much more sure of herself. That fact only strengthened my resolve.

Maybe it was a huge risk - something I'd possibly regret later, but with Bella, I wanted to put my heart on the line, because that's what you do when the benefits far outway the risks "More than enough to ask you to be my girl."


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