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Chapter 64

Hot Bubblegum by SoapyMayhem

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Chapter 64
*~Bella Swan~*

Once we made it on set, the director gave me a stern look, but said nothing. I could tell he wasn’t happy about my tardiness.

Within seconds, the vultures descended on me, hair and makeup artists teasing and tugging. My eyes found Angela’s, happy that I was able to get her on set.

She had to have been the one to tell Edward where my trailer was. I’d have to make a mental note to thank her later.

“You look a bit flushed and disheveled, Bella. Was loverboy getting you all worked up for your scene?” she teased, making me roll my eyes.

I was about to tease her back when my co-star joined me on set. She was even later than I was, so I didn’t feel quite so bad.

“Nervous?” she asked, before taking a sip from an enormous bottle of fiji water.

“A little,” I sighed, before whispering to her “My fiancĂ© is on set.”

“Really?” she perked up, her eyes searching, passing over crewmembers and lighting equipment until she found my Edward leaning casually against a wall talking to Angela. 

Every once in awhile his eyes would find mine, and he’d give me a little smile before turning his attention back to whatever he was talking about. 

“He’s so fucking hot.”

I just grinned, proud of my my man and soon to be husband.

“So what does he think of all this?” she asked, motioning to the big fluffy bed we were currently inhabiting. My eyes lowered toward my barely covered breasts, before glancing toward her robe which was slightly open, revealing that she was mostly bare underneath.

“The thing is, he hasn’t said much of anything. It’s not like him either. We’re usually open books with each other, but when I started mentioning the scene, he had nothing to say.”

“I’ll say this... working in the industry I came from, where the sex was real and in your face, boyfriends generally reacted one of two ways... either they were mad with jealousy or they thought it was the hottest thing ever.” I looked over at him and he was still smiling and talking to Angela. After a moment, though, his eyes met mine and I knew he spotted Tanya next to me for the first time.

His gaze seemed to darken as he watched me, now ignoring Angela altogether. Tanya’s hands were suddenly brushing against my leg, rubbing slowly up and down my thigh.

Edward’s eyes followed the movement. 

What the hell was Tanya doing?

Then her hand was gone and Edward stared for a moment before I spotted Angela watching him, shaking with laughter, breaking whatever spell he seemed to be under.

“I’d say that one has a mixture of both,” Tanya told me smiling. He’s jealous, probably because he wants to be over here with you, watching you closer, touching you the way I just did, but he’s turned on too. 

I blushed knowing she was right.

“Quiet on the set. Get into positions.”

Once the scene was marked, the director called action.

Tanya and I maneuvered around onto the bed so that I was facing away from her with a blanket wrapped around me, covering my lady parts. 

Tanya’s robe had since come off and her hands were wandering, lips pressing against my neck, while I arched against her, inviting her in.

“See how good it can be?” she asked. “See how good I can make you feel when you stop fighting me?”

“I didn’t know,” I told her shyly. “I never...”

“I know... just feel it... be with me, Anna,” she directed, before guiding my lips to hers in a passionate kiss. 

Tanya’s lips were smooth, but they were small and thin, her kiss too wet to be enjoyable, but I did as I’d been coached, closed my eyes and pretended she was Edward. 

Knowing he was close by, setting my senses on edge, seemed to help. It was like I could feel him near me, silently encouraging me. Even as Tanya pulled me on top of her mostly naked body, tangling us both in the sheets.

“Cut,” the director called out. “That was great ladies, lets try that scene again, but this time, Bella, I need you to touch Tanya a little more, place your hand on her breast, almost shyly, tentatively. You’ve never been with a woman before, so you’re unsure at first and then you’ll start to get into it more. Got it?”

“Got it,” I confirmed smiling, and like that the tension dissipated from the room. I knew I could do this. It was just acting, but with tits and kissing. No big deal.

It was then that I felt a prickling sensation as the hair stood up on the back of my neck.


My head turned sharply in his direction and he was there still watching me, his eyes dark, face flushed. 

He looked like he was about to cream his jeans. Dear Lord... he looked too fucking sexy to be real.


After nearly an hour of kissing and groping, Tanya and I were becoming exhausted, our lips puffy and sore. We were finally to the point of orgasm where Tanya was supposed to pretend to go down on me, while I moaned and whimpered, clutching the sheets as the camera panned up and down my body, giving me the appearance of being nude without actually going topless. They did a few shots of Tanya from behind, making it look like her head was between my spread legs. 

Then was the shot of my ‘O’ face. I had to make it look good, because I didn’t want to have to keep doing it over and over again.

“Fantastic. Let’s take a break, ladies,” the director called out and everyone on set began milling around as Tanya and I got dressed back in our robes.

Charlotte was the first one at my side. “The director wants you back on set in two hours,” she told me. 
“Are you going to introduce me to your fiancĂ©?” Tanya asked, interrupting Charlotte, her voice filled with the same low seductive tone she’d used with me during the scene.

“We’ll could all go out for dinner tonight. Sound good?” I asked her quickly, eager to get Edward alone in my trailer.

“Of course,” Tanya sounded a little put out, but she smiled anyway.

In seconds, I maneuvered my way past all the stage lights, careful not to knock anything over in my hasty attempt to get to Edward as quickly as possible. Once I spotted him, I was grateful he was alone now, and Angela wouldn’t be there to tease us for acting like a couple of horny teenagers.

“So? What did you think?” I asked him once he was finally close enough to touch.

He closed his eyes briefly, looking as if he was trying to find the words to say.

“Bella,” his voice came out strained and rasping. “Please tell me you have at least half an hour before the next scene...” He pulled me close, brushing his rock hard erection against me in the process.
“I have two... two hours.” I moaned, welcoming his lips on mine.

“Take it to your trailer, Swan,” I heard Angela call out from a few feet away.

“Agreed, Darlin’ Let’s go christen that fucking trailer,” he panted.

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