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Chapter 67

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Chapter 67
**Edward Cullen**

“So Bella’s just sitting there with the cutest expression on her face as Eric – you know, the director – tells her we’ll be shooting most of the love scenes last. Of course this silly girl knows she’s going to be playing a rug muncher, but she still looks like her pretty brown eyes are about to pop right out of her skull.” Tanya paused, taking a big gulp of her martini before bouncing right back into her story. Bella, I noticed, has been unusually quiet since the moment we entered the restaurant. Maybe she’s just tired...

I did fuck her brains out just a couple hours ago... 

“Of course, I’m kind of girl who jumps in feet first, so I figured I’d help our girl out by laying one on her right off the bat – that way she didn’t spend the following three weeks worrying about the fact that she was going to have to make out with a woman,” Tanya and I laughed at this, while Bella snorted a little and blushed.

“Aww, Darlin’. Were you nervous?” I cooed, squeezing her thigh. 

“You know I was,” she laughed, nudging my shoulder playfully. Bella and I had spoken at length, prior to her taking this role, about the fact that she was nervous about the sex scenes, the kissing in particular. My only suggestion for her had been to close her eyes and pretend it was me. Of course, I never would have given her that advice if she’d been required to kiss another man. 

Personally, I would rather she didn’t lock lips with anyone but me, but since her job required it, I was, at the very least, thankful it was with another chick and not some hot shot actor that might try to seduce my girl into the king sized bed of his multi-million-dollar mansion. 

Not that I thought Bella cared about money or my lack thereof, but the idea of some asshole making a play for my girl really got my blood boiling.

“So, Edward, Bella tells me you’re a tattoo artist?” Tanya asks, turning her sharp blue eyes in my direction.

“Yes, ma’am.” I grinned, smiling at my girl. “That’s how we met.”

“And a southern boy too! My oh’ my, Miss Bella, you sure know how to pick them,” Tanya teased. Bella’s eyes widened at Tanya’s words, and she seemed to stiffen suddenly. In the circular booth we were sitting in, Bella was wedged between 
Tanya and me, and when I looked over at the two of them, I noticed Tanya’s hand had disappeared beneath the table.

“Are you alright?” I asked her and she nodded, but her eyes cut to Tanya.

“Fine... I just... I need some fresh air,” she answered tightly, so I slid out of the booth, letting her out on my side. Within seconds, she up and out of her seat, and heading toward the restrooms.

I saw a few patrons look at her as if they might approach, but then thought better of it. 

Was she upset?

The sudden urge to go after her was nipping at me heels, and I nearly did – would have, had Tanya not shimmied closer to my side of the booth. I felt uncomfortable all of a sudden, like a rat in a cage, like I was being studied and scrutinized. 

“What are your intentions with Bella?” Tanya asked, her voice void of the friendly tone it held just moments earlier.

“I’m not sure why you’re asking, but if you really want to know... if she’ll have me, I plan to marry her and love her for the rest of my life,” I said, my brow raised in irritation. “What is this? Did you invite us here so you could... what? Intimidate me, and give me the third degree?”

“I want her...” Tanya admitted, shocking the hell out of me. “...but I know that will never happen... so at the very least, I wanted to make sure you weren’t taking advantage of her and her... considerable wealth.”

“What the fuck?” Those few syllables were all my lips could manage as I was pretty much stunned to silence.

“I’m a good judge of character, and I believe you genuinely care for her. I just needed to know for sure, that way I don’t regret backing off on my efforts to seduce her.” Her tone was so blunt and matter-a-fact that I almost laughed at her strange rationalization. Almost.

“Does Bella know about this?” I huffed angrily. Bella had never given me any indication that she doubted my love. The very idea of it sickened me and I had to wonder if Tanya was filling her head with suspicions, making her paranoid. Was that why she seemed off all night?

“Of course not,” Tanya seemed offended that I even asked.

“What the fuck am I supposed to think?”

“Just know this... if  you ever fuck up... I’ll be on that girl like white on rice.”

“You do know she’s not gay right?” I chuckled humorlessly, my tone dry with a sarcastic edge.

“Neither am I,” Tanya whispered, cutting her eyes behind me. I glanced back to see what she was looking at and spotted Bella returning from the restroom, her hands wringing the hem of her t-shirt. “There’s just something about her though, isn’t there?”

Of course, I agreed, but I chose not to answer her.

“We’re leaving,” I told Tanya, not sparing her a glance before I slid out of the booth, my feet carrying me to my girl, as my need to have her close intensified.



So there's another chapter... how do you feel about Tanya now? She's a strange one, eh?
As for updates, I plan to post 1-2 chapters a week until it's done. With my new work schedule and writing on my original fiction, I haven't had a ton of time to work on this, but I want it finished as I am sure you all do as well.


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