Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Chapter 66

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Chapter 66
*~Bella Swan~*

After another hour of love making, we’d christened the counter, the cabinet shower, and my tiny little single bed. I couldn’t wait to get him to the hotel I’d reserved for us tonight and onto the giant king-sized bed where we could take our time exploring each other, where there would be more room and fewer nosy crew members.

“I told Tanya we would have dinner with her tonight, before heading to the hotel. What do you think?” I asked Edward as I was drying my hair with the same hairdryer I’d been prepared to use as a weapon when I thought he was a necrophiliac stalker.

“Uh... yeah sure,” he answered quickly, but his unease was apparent.

“What’s a matter?”

“Nothin’ Darlin’, I just wanted it to be just you and me tonight,” he explained.

“Fuck... I really want to just tell her we can’t make it, but I don’t want to seem rude for canceling,” I told him, worrying my lip. Tanya had been super-sweet during filming, and seemed to be one of the few people who actually treated me like an adult or didn’t look down on me for being a former Disney star.

“It’s fine... we’ll go for a few drinks, we have to eat sometime don’t we?” he said sweetly, reminding, yet again, why I fell in love with him.

At the same time though, I thought about us having dinner in our hotel room, and the prospect of having Edward for dinner sounded infinitely more appealing. I kept my thoughts to myself though, deciding that I’d have to settle for having him for dessert.


When we got back on set, Tanya and I had to do a few pick up shots of the love scene, and then we moved on to some post coital cuddling and a conversation in which I learn that Tanya’s character, 

Cecilia, will be moving back to London the following month to be with her husband and child. My character, Anna, is devastated when she realizes that Cecilia used her – that she was never interested in anything but sex.

The scene was intense, and I was feeling pretty nervous too, but Edward’s presence seemed to help for some reason.

“Are we still on for tonight?” Tanya asked before shooting a look in Edward’s direction. He was standing off set talking to Angela again.

“Yeah, sure. We could  both go for dinner and a couple drinks, but we’ll probably turn in early. Edward and I haven’t seen much of each other lately.”

“Sure sounded like you were seeing plenty of each other in your trailer today,” she teased playfully, making me blush. I had expected a few people to notice, but I’d forgotten Tanya’s trailer was right next to mine.

“Yeah... we uhh... we really missed each other,” I explained willing my blush to calm down.

“First love. Such a beautiful thing,” she sighed. “Seems like you picked an awesome guy. Be careful, though... being a celebrity, it’s hard to know when someone wants you for you, or for what you can give them.”

“Edward isn’t like that,” I defended quickly. “He doesn’t care about money or fame.”

“I didn’t mean to imply anything, Bella. Just take it from me, money changes people. You grew up with it, so you’re probably immune to it’s effects at this point, but what about him?”

I looked over at Edward and his easy smile. I thought about his crazy mom and sister, and the fact that he never asks me for anything. I knew Edward loved me for me. He didn’t even recognize me at first.

While I appreciated Tanya’s warning and her desire to help me, it was unnecessary.

“Edward... he’s just... he’s not like that. He’s the other half of my soul.”

Tanya looked confused by my words, but smiled in response, patting my thigh in a way that seemed slightly condescending. “So dinner?” she asked quickly.

At that point, I wished I’d cancelled, but it was already too late, and I was fucking starving.

Sorry for the delay. I should have a few more chapters posted over the next few days.



  1. Um yea after that, not liking Tanya so much. Poor Bella. But staying home with Edward sounds yummy to me. Can't wait for more. Thanks again. Bye for now.

  2. Yeah I agree not liking Tanya too much right now?? But I loved the chapter!! :D she should if defiently cancelled!! I mean who wouldn't want Edward all to themselves?? Lol

  3. Loved the reunion...hating the "Tanya". God, she is always such a BITCH! I wonder if she's gonna try and prove her point or if she is thinking Edward won't be able to resist her and maybe spark a little three-way action. Cancel dinner Bella! Why do fictional characters have a problem with seeming rude when real people have no problem what-so-ever with the concept?

  4. I agree, Tanya sounds like trouble, the comments that she made, makes me wonder... hope everything goes well at dinner, Though I feel something is going to happen.

    Great Chapter, see you next time! xD